Working from Home


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Minnesota parents are working at ...

Working From Home

I remember the days when I’d speculate
That working from home would simply be great.
No need for the car, the tie and the suit,
No need, ever again, for that daily commute.

I could work in my jammies, or wear nothing at all
And never once worry ’bout the boss down the hall.
I’d only dress up when I’d be meeting on Zoom
Then I’d just have to clean a little part of the room.

And how great it would be with no one to watch
As I took a nip, now and then, from my bottle of Scotch.
But now that it’s happened, my dream hasn’t come true
’Cuz working from home is like life at the zoo.

A big cage of monkeys couldn’t be any worse.
The noise and congestion drive me to curse.
With everyone here there’s no peace and quiet.
It’s not at all what I thought when I wanted to try it.

Alas, working from home, I get nothing done.
And what’s even worse — it’s not that much fun.
Now I yearn for the days when I went off to work.
Working from home, it turns out, was the dream of a jerk.

Working from Home

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