Christmas in July

Christmas in July — Fremont Presbyterian Church

The A/C’s are working overtime. In the Northern hemisphere, we sweat and wish for a spot on the beach. We wear flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Freckles are in high bloom, the mosquitos begin to look obese, the grass could use some water and the garden starts to look wilted. Icecream low-carb, vegan and creamy deliciousness can be found in ever freezer, cold drinks are a must these days, and the kitchen gets a break when we grill and smoke outside. Yes, it is summer, just the way we like it.

And then there is Hallmark. Good grief do they piss me off every year. Christmas in July and they mean it. Last night I did some serious channel surfing, to make sure the TV in our bedroom is still willing to work after so much neglect, and there is was. A Christmas movie, a cheesy story, an ugly tree, a dysfunctional family, and all the other things we need for a good Christmas story.

What a turnoff it is. What is next? The Easter parade in December? Black Friday deals every Friday? (Oops, we already have that don’t we?) 

Some things are special because we don’t have them all the time and in my humble, biased, sarcastic opinion, it should stay that way.

My anniversary is special, so is my birthday -and yes, if I can I will celebrate it for days and everybody else’s birthday I wish to celebrate as well. The 4th of July was special until they started shooting fireworks for four weeks straight. They killed it for me and now -again- they are after Christmas.

One Special Night - Wikipedia

My favorite Holiday and I love it. I love everything about it, including Christmas movies. Bring it on, the cheesier the better. From A Wonderful Life to One Special Night. I snuggle up under my blanket, admire our 7-Dollar Christmas tree, sip on hot cocoa, and watch them with gusto. But in December, not in July. What is wrong with us. Do we have to kill everything?

I long for normal! The circle of life and the rotating of the calendar. Twelve months, 365 days, we can do it! Special annual celebrations, the normality we once had. But ‘No’ some bored girl’s group in North Carolina, had to come up with Christmas in July out of boredom I suppose because well, there were no boys -or perhaps their cookies sucked.

Will they kill Christmas for me for good? I assume they will, they have already started but I will ignore it.

So Hallmark, keep your Christmas in July, you are banned from our TV. Enough is enough! You are not going to destroy something special for me!

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How Christmas in July started


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