Don’t ever underestimate Grandma!

Don’t ever underestimate a Grandma. I know that better than anybody. I couldn’t help watching this and thinking about the woman who took me in and raised me when she was 69 years old. My Grandma, my teacher!

Sometimes it’s the quiet voice and the simple message that gets through to us the most. I listened to this video quietly, with mixed emotions. While her last sentence made me smile, she also had me tear up. I could hear her pain in the message, I could feel her everyday struggles.

You, Ma’am, have lots of value and not just because you made a political statement that mirrors my own, but because you have a moral compass.

Thank you for giving me hope!

5 thoughts on “Don’t ever underestimate Grandma!

  1. I ended up crying at the end too….not sure exactly why, except she’s so damn brave, braver then me (though I didn’t vote for #45 in 2016, I am still afraid to voice everything hateful thing I think about him.) She’s saying what so many want and need to say. And yes she has value and what in the world are people thinking that we need to open up for the economy and people will get it anyway. Profit over safety seems to be the mindset. It’s sick.

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