From Workerbee to Politics!

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I felt surprised by my own excitement. After all, it’s just politics. A game played by the rich to manipulate the poor. It has always been like this and while we all know it, we still fall into the same traps over and over.

We are the worker bees who are needed like the wheels in the clock, without us nothing would work, yet we have no authority. The only power we have is our vote to decide how we want to be treated. Every four years we feel strengths, and we have the illusion to be in charge when we decide with a person or party of our choice.

Sadly, many of us don’t understand their own needs and they will trample their own rights while blindfolded marching behind a party, instead of marching with them as equals.

Political Cartoon Showing People Blindfolds On Stock Illustration ...

Every vote, no matter if in politics, in sports, or in any other group, should always elect the person who is most qualified. It should never be about a party or political interest, yet it always is. It should never be about race or gender, yet it always is.

Will our worker bee’s life be respected and valued. Will we all be treated equally and perhaps even get some rewards thrown our way, or will we be restricted and bound to an oath that will protect the ones we work for?

As a young girl, I was elected class speaker in 10th grade which I loved at first and gladly resigned just a year later. It was work and it asked for more of my time than I had been willing to give. Even a class with only 28 students meant chaos. 28 students and 35 different opinions -because we were all girls. All of a sudden I had to consider other people’s needs and wishes and put them before my own. Very inconvenient task -quite painful at times as well.

Four years ago, I threw my name in the hat when it came to our neighborhood board and I got elected. With three others I was asked to guide our small suburban neighborhood. It’s like a never-ending walk on eggshells. “Whose feelings am I going to trample this time?” and “Who will be asking for a special treatment today?”

Only five more months to the next election and I will gladly resign and never run again. What a balancing act it is, trying to make everybody happy. An impossible task, yet one that we try over and over on a daily base.

There are only two ways to handle it. Either you listen to everybody and try to fulfill everybody’s needs -if they are reasonable and not selfish- or you decide to go with a certain group of people who are close to your own and ignore the rest.

Being Selfless by Being Selfish |

Selfish or selfless?

I look at politics the same way. While I hope for laws and regulations that will please me, I am always aware of the fact that others have needs and wishes to. Perhaps that’s what the world liberal actually really should mean.

Open eyes and an open mind to other people’s needs. Maybe that’s why I am an independent woman, because the word liberal is not big enough to cover up for what I stand for?

The upcoming election is important to me. Will I be lost or will I feel to belong again?

Will the dark clouds and the darkness which lingers over this country disappear, or will the hopelessness that so many of us feel become the normal we never wanted to feel?

Will women’s rights be finally handled the way men’s rights always were or will we continue to fall back into the middle age for good, because of believes a group of people ask all of us to obey?

Yesterday, when I watched Joe Biden introducing his running mate I saw something I haven’t seen in a long time. I saw pride and respect in the eyes of the running mates for each other. I listened to their words but paid more attention to my own emotions and feelings than ever before.

There it was, I felt excited.

I felt hope for a better America because we have never been less great than we are right now!

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