Without an audience!

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How much nicer it is to watch certain TV events without a live audience. Yesterday’s DNC 2020 (Democratic National Convention) was a good example.

Sitting in my living room watching live events is more powerful without the cheering, the screaming and the constant clapping. Without all the interruptions it’s just the information, me and my little brain working overtime, trying to comprehend -which often seems to be the hardest task.

Life is quieter these days, and I appreciate it more than I can say.

The speakers last night were talking to me, not to a crowd of people. I am the reaction, manipulated by no one. I am allowed to make up my mind whenever my mind is ready to do so, without just reacting to the reaction of others.

It seems more personal, more serious, and certainly more intense at times. The virtual choir was a delightful treat I thoroughly enjoyed.
I hope some of the changes we were forced to make due to the COVID-19 pandemic will stay, and we will not go back to the way it has been.

“Applause is not opinion. Applause is a feeling of love for the artist.”
― Vaslav Nijinsky

Wise words. I wish the artists could see me sometimes giving a standing ovation in my lounge pants all by myself in the living room. A heartfelt reaction, not ordered, not planned, just a sign of my appreciation and love nobody besides my husband and our dogs will ever see.

The reason why I don’t watch most live shows is the manipulated, often misplaced cheering and chanting of an audience trying to make us believe what we are getting served on our screen is better than it actually is.

Worst examples of total audience manipulation is certainly the Ellen Show, or the former Oprah Winfrey Show -also known as give-away show or other similar shows I have managed not to watch.
I like it quieter and I don’t feel old admitting it!

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