A little Girl and Audi

Umstrittene Audi-Werbung (Ausschnitt): "Wir entschuldigen uns aufrichtig für dieses unsensible Bild"

A little girl, cute as she can be, with the confidence of a toddler, leaning against an Audi Sport RS4. Beautiful picture that backfired, because we live at a time where any kind of normal is just no longer possible.

“Let your heart beat faster.”

Audi posted the advertisement on Twitter and people went nuts. The banana in the hand of a little girl quickly became a phallic symbol. All innocent was brutally murdered by social media.

Some pointed out that cars have killed little girls, other quickly brought pedophilia up. The photo was branded as “sexually suggestive”, “strange” and “creepy.”

The German carmaker Audi had to react and quickly apologized for the insensitivity they had shown, and promised to investigate. (Seriously? What’s there to investigate?)

What’s my opinion you wonder? (Because I know you do.)

I think we have gone completely mad. I see a banana in the hands of a cute, confident little girl. I see shiny rims on a car that I would like to call my own. Call me naive, but I don’t see anything wrong with the picture.

Yes, little girls have been killed by cars, just like little boys, men and women of all ages, and animals. If you are afraid an advertisement could attract sick pedophiles, then we cannot allow any kind of advertisement that shows little boys or girls, especially not the ones running around in diapers. The same goes for teenagers.

Perhaps the usual would have been the better way to go. A half-dressed woman, showing her bosom the way most celebrities do these days -not that any of it would have been sexist of course- or perhaps a young man, shirtless, well-tanned, showing off his muscles. Again, no sexism intended.

How about a nun, leaning against this beautiful sport car, eating an apple, or perhaps just smiling. Religious discrimination I tell you!

No matter what we do these days, we can’t please everybody -and we shouldn’t even try, because we never could.

If your mind is in the ditch, you can find something wrong even with a religious painting like “The Last Supper.” If you look at it with judgmental eyes, it’s discriminatory. Only one woman in a group of men. Has she been forced to be there? Only one guy with darker skin in the middle of a group of white guys? Was Leonardo da Vince a racist? Or worse, was Jesus one?

Audi, of course, had to give in and part of me wishes they wouldn’t have. Standing your ground these days is not easy, for sure not if your hand is forced by judgmental keyboards all over the world.

As for me. I still see a cute little girl, standing in front of an awesome car, ready for a road trip with her parents, if they ever stop taking pictures of her and their dream car.

14 thoughts on “A little Girl and Audi

  1. Hmm, I saw this while I had a houseful (including two toddler grandchildren) and just passed on. However it is still in my inbox and I have to disagree with you about the innocence of this. Advertisers are not innocent, they have an agenda to attract notice. They knew exactly what they were doing and knew it would be controversial – which equals many views and much success. Sure, only people with a problem of unhealthy attraction to cute toddlers will be encouraged to view this pruriently, but the banana is an added invitation to such people to fetishise this image. Not for a nano-second do I believe the advertisers were unaware of this. You’d have to be very innocent not to be aware that for many, many men (knowingly and unknowingly) a car is a phallic symbol. According to police reports the internet is crawling with people who turn these ghastly instincts into reality. So although this should indeed be a charming image, I think there are many reasons to object to it.

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  2. The world HAS grown a bit crazy. OK. More then a bit. I didn’t see any of that when I first looked at the picture, but after I read the reactions I could see that maybe I wouldn’t have put the girl in FRONT of the car (that’s from my dad being killed by a truck, and not everyone has had that experience, so it probably isn’t a triger like thing for most people.)…other then that, she’s a real cutie and I hope when she gets old enough to hear about this her feelings aren’t hurt.

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    • First of all, I am sorry for the loss of your dad in such a tragic way. I suppose there isn’t a person, or an animal you could advertise with a car without bringing back bad memories for some people.

      I also think that we can interpret something negative or ‘dirty’ in literally everything. Like Derrick said, it’s in the eyes of the beholder -and in it’s mind.


  3. I see a cute little girl, a beautiful car, and a banana. I’l like to get a banana, too … and go with the little girl for a ride in this beautiful car! No ill intent observed or conjectured.


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