Both Parties and Me in the Middle

Relinquishing Taboos — The Interfaith Observer

“How many Trump voters does it take to change a light bulb? None! Trump will declare there is light and they will stand in the dark and cheer!

At first I smiled when I read the joke, but my smile quickly turned into sadness. How can such a harmless joke bear so much truth?

I watched part of the Republican convention because I believe it is my duty to hear both sides. I stubbornly try to be as open-minded as I can be, but I can’t do it for too long anymore. I have started to withdraw from too much drama and too much negativity just like everybody else who is not using drugs, alcohol, pain pills or anti-depression medications on a daily base.

I have voted for Republicans in the past, as well as I have voted for Democrats, but the last two days have shown me how much the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan and Eisenhower has changed.

Listening to people at the Republican convention is like watching Armageddon. It seems the overall feeling of darkness and hopelessness has spread like a wildfire during the last four years.

I think this is the biggest difference I could hear -and feel- when I listened to both conventions. While one gives me hope for unity and a better future for ALL, the other side spreads fear. While one side talks about fairness, the other fears to lose privileges.

Fear that seems to be the thing that united all Republicans. Fear of everything that’s different, or anything that could change the way we live. The promise of less and lesser taxes is still the bait that catches the hungry worm, as well as mentioning god(s) and guns, preferable in one sentence.

And of course, there is abortion, the never-ending try to dictate what women should be allowed to do, even though by now we all should know women always find a way to do what they want -even if it jeopardizes their health and life.

I wonder what the ghosts of the republican past would say if they could see and hear what is going on right now. Perhaps it is time to rename the GOP to Trump’s party and I don’t say it with hate or negativity, it’s just an observation.

How much both parties have changed is obvious. The LEFT has moved closer to the middle, and the RIGHT has moved far right. For me in the middle, that means the old left is now where I belong.

Confusing indeed!

Sometimes I wonder where I am and what I stand for. A moderate progressive? Or an old-fashioned modern thinker? Or perhaps I am the poster child of a woman who is all over the place and can’t be pushed into a drawer without loud protest.

Joe Biden was not my choice when I listened to the democratic debate. I was outraged how progressives once again got silenced, when all other presidential candidates quickly gave up and endorsed Joe Biden in another effort to block Bernie Sanders.

Would that leave me again voting against a candidate more than for one, like in the last election?

No, it doesn’t. I am voting for a candidate.

Why? Because:

  • I am still the little girl with high hopes.
  • I am still the teenager curious about the world and everybody in it.
  • I am still the young woman who wants to spread her wings.
  • I am still the woman who believes we all can live in harmony.
  • I am still the dreamer of a better tomorrow for the generations behind us.
  • I am still the believer who doesn’t know.
  • I am still the blind not seeing color.
  • I am still excited about tomorrow.
  • I am still learning and trying, and wishing for more.
  • I am still fearless and trust too easy and I am mighty proud of it.

Joe Biden, or how Trump likes to call him “Sleepy Joe” because Trump cannot address an opponent with the respect they have earned, has now become my number one choice. I will vote for him and not against Trump.

I think that’s the biggest change on my end.

The Republican Party is preparing to prevent defeat at all costs, even if that would mean to undermine democracy. That’s the message I am getting when I listen to their arguments about mail voting and the postal service. That’s what I hear between the lines, and with that they have lost me for good.

I have values and morals. I believe in democracy and decency. I believe in fairness and strangely, I still believe in equality.

I feel my values don’t matter anymore to the Republican party, now they stand for everything my Grandmother didn’t want me to be.

That’s the sad truth and with that, they have lost me and any possibility to get my vote in the future.

That is why my devotion to Truth has drawn me into the field of politics; and  I can say without the slightest hesitation, and yet in all humility, that  those who say

12 thoughts on “Both Parties and Me in the Middle

  1. Great Gandhi quote that many Americans who call themselves “Christians” should probably give some thought to. They probably wouldn’t thought, since he was an Asian Hindu. Therein lies the problem. I have a good friend who is an agnostic independent scientist who, like you, is backing Biden and Democrats down the ticket. My opinion, based on study of history, is that we are more than due for a “middle of the road” president like “sleepy Joe.” Beyond that, though, we also need some “MOR” legislators at all levels – people who will negotiate solutions to our problems. I had hoped that there were (Republican) legislators like this after Trump won. Didn’t take long to realize and accept that most of them were entrenched in the power and felt/realized they were tied to Trump’s apron strings if they wanted to retain power. Those who didn’t at that time and later realized what had actually happened seem to be now members of a bunch of groups that have splintered off from their former party and have the same hopes for the future, with Biden as president, as I do.

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    • I love the Gandhi quote. He pretty much summed it up. I didn’t understand why the Democrats -again- threw the progressives under the bus when they obviously manipulated the outcome of the primaries, but now I can see why. They hope that a moderate, centered candidate like Biden will do the trick. I hope they are right. I hope their gamble with their own party won’t backfire.

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  2. I hope everyone votes in this election. And if folks are unsure of their polling place, registration status, or even need help getting an official ID, I hope they ask for it. It’s hard to rig the election when every eligible voter cast a ballot. As for me, I look forward to being able to trust government facts again.

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