Trump is a Genius

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I never thought I would write that, but i bow with awe. Brilliant move. The President of the United Stated did not lie -as we all expected- but instead just downplayed the Covid-19 situation to keep us calm. How considerate of him. Very well played Mr. President!

He compared himself to Winston Churchill and I held my breath for a split second. I quickly sorted the historical facts in my little pea-brain and then I remembered. Winston Churchill, didn’t he stand on top of a roof when London got bombed?

He didn’t hide in a bunker telling the British people not to worry about Hitler. “No need to panic, just a few little bombs it will be over soon, just like magic.”

We are all grown ups, we need the facts so we can adjust the sails to the winds of life. Knowledge is key, if you don’t live in fairyland.

I didn’t lie, or perhaps I did but not in a bad way, I just tried to keep you safe. That’s as good as it gets. It’s like reading a book with twists and turns. You know who the bad guy is, but he gets away with it from page to page, and so in the end you just continue reading because you can’t believe how naive the characters in the book are.

Who was he trying to keep calm. The citizens or the stock market?

Let’s be clear here, if I or any other business owner -big or small- does what we now know Trump did, we would definitely be in big legal trouble and we would get hammered with lawsuits and rightfully so.

I look around the world and again I am in awe what I see.

Trudeau (Canada) Macron (France) Merkel (Germany) just to name a few. They told their people the truth and the people responded accordingly. As a result they managed the pandemic without the high rates of infection and premature deaths and disastrous consequences of economic dislocation that Americans endured and are still enduring, while other countries are slowly returning to normal.

The President of the United States instead decided, so he says, that Americans could not handle the truth. We were treated like little children and so he lied and now America leads the world in death, disease and economic depression. He even lied about why he lied. It had nothing to do with preventing hysteria. It had everything to do with getting him re-elected. The truth is that Trump put himself first and the American people last.

Yet 40 Million will drink the Kool-aid the same way they were willing to drink bleach or protest against wearing face masks.

6 thoughts on “Trump is a Genius

  1. My parents watch news all day, and have been first to but any book that is written exposing the truth about our leader. It seems that no matter what horrible thing he does or says, his loyal band of subjects just keep telling how wonderful he is. It is like living in a land of zombies in my little red county in the South.

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  2. Unfortunately if he gets re-elected the rest of the world doesn’t deserve, but will have to endure, the continued chaos that will come next. We are all hoping that enough ‘decent’ people who were fooled into voting for him last time will come to their senses and see this cretinous conman for what he is and vote him out.

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    • I have high hopes. Every day I go to YouTube and I look up RVAT (Republican Voters against Trump) and I listen and learn at the same time. Now, for the first time I understand why so many have voted for him. Now I see decency on the other side when people speak up more and more.

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