The Body was not even cold…

Ryan Kirby Art — "Mourning Glory" Original Dove Painting by Ryan Kirby

“We cleaned his apartment out in the morning before the funeral,” my friend told me and I cannot explain it, but it bothered me.

His brother had just passed away, and he had been out of town for a week to attend the funeral and support his family. I understand that his time there was limited and that a lot had to be done, still, it bothered me.

In my language, there is a saying, “The body was not even cold…,” which is mostly used when we feel something is happening to quickly after someone passed away.

As a child I didn’t understand, now I do. A have experienced loss like everybody else my age and some of it hit hard and it hurts. Time is needed not to adjust our life to go one without a loved one.

Going through someone’s belongings before the funeral seems so wrong to me.

I remember the time before my Grandmother’s funeral -the first one I had to plan at a very young age. Our farmland had to be sold, the farmhouse had to be emptied, final bills and taxes had to be paid but all of it was put on hold until after the funeral.

No matter if there is a cremation, a funeral or a memorial service. We need time to mourn and time to adjust. We need time to show our respect, to celebrate the life of the loved one we lost.

Nothing can be that important that it doesn’t have time for a few days.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is a big loss for many of us. Most of us women, no matter on which side we might stand, are grateful for her achievements in women’s right. Women’s right are so much more than just abortion rights. The right to stand up against the abuser, even it it means to speak up against your own husband. The right to demand equal rights and equal pay.

I am angry at the news outlets and the media and I will not forgive -or forget- that a political party presses so quickly to replace her.

Like vultures they are circling over her vacant seat on the highest court.

Couldn’t you have waited for three days? Do you guys really have to destroy all civility and what is left of decency and normality?

I am getting more and more disgusted with the way we as a society behave. I feel more and more the urge to speak up and point fingers in every direction.

A life well so well lived deserves better! We deserve better!

I feel shame when I look at us!

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