Democracy is like Tinkerbell

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This election day is important to me. The last four years have left me exhausted, but it also has brought out the best in me. I am still me, just stronger!

Today’s election will either divide us for good or will start to unite us. This hatred we have seen in the last four years has to go. This is not Nazi Germany in the 1930s, this is the United States of America, where a love-migrant like me was welcomed with open arms – and curiousity.

Everywhere I went, Americans helped me, teased me, taught me to become one of them. Yes, I am white and privileged, and I come from a rich country in Europe, which made it easier, but I witnessed the same kindred spirit toward people who were different as well.

Yesterday, I watched part of a Trump rally, heard him making fun of Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi, who both happen to be celebrities who are using their fame to help. JBJ’s foodbank during the corona crisis has helped thousands in and around Long Island, and Lady Gaga’s never-ending way of giving back is known to most of us.

Yet, the President of the United States is making fun of them, tries to belittle them. Why? Because they happen to have a different opinion.

Wealthy, rich Americans helping the poor, what is there to make fun off?

Politics. It leaves us puzzled, doesn’t it? For many it’s more than just an opinion, now we have been divided into sides, which, of course, means one side is always wrong.

m | latin small letter m | DejaVu Sans, Book @ Graphemica

If you place a piece of paper, with the written small “m” on a table, and ask the people standing around what they see, they all will see something different. Some see an “m” other a “w”, a “3” or an “E.” Fascinating, isn’t it? It’s all about perspective, position and outlook.

Same thing, different result. That’s how life works.

As in politics, both sides are needed. The right side, the conservatives make sure that some of our old values, laws and regulations will be kept in place, while the other side, the liberals, make sure we are not stuck in the past and move forward to a modern future. If it works, then we balance each other out and end up somewhere in the middle -where most of us belong.

Loyalty to a party has brought us into trouble. Shouldn’t law changes, bills, and nominees be approved by a 2/3 majority of the house and senate, no matter who is in charge? It would solve so many problems and it would force both sides to reach across, to compromise.

My way or the highway seldom works. The last four years have shown us the flaws in our system. Democracy has been trampled on. We have moved toward oligarchy in lightening speed. A group of white, old, angry men, fill their pockets, while the rest of us fight for the crumbs.

Democracy is a bit like Tinkerbell. When you believe it, she becomes real. It’s also fragile and it can fly away in an instant.

I do believe in democracy and in Tinkerbell -just don’t tell anybody.

7 thoughts on “Democracy is like Tinkerbell

  1. What a helpful perspective, Bridget. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful perspective that may make my nail-biting experience tonight a little less tense. I cannot live the next four years with the political stress I’ve been carrying, but much of my coping depends upon my attitude and how I choose to look at circumstances. I always enjoy what you have to say, but today, in particular.

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      • Things are ok, Bridget. We’ve been attending to our daughter’s breast cancer treatment, and combined with all the Covid restrictions, I just didn’t have it in me to begin to blog again. But it’s good to begin coming back around. 🙂 And I’m so hopeful that we are in for a change in the Executive Branch…and maybe Senate? Too much to hope for? 🙂


  2. Trump’s narcissism is what leads him to make fun of people. Narcissists general have low self-esteem even though their egos yell otherwise. In making fun of those that threaten his intelligence, ability or goodwill, he attempts to make himself feel superior and to make his followers feel hatred. It’s a horrible sickness that I have witnessed firsthand in a former marriage. It leads to nothing that is good and I wish more people would recognize and understand Trump’s behavior for what it is and that we is the last person we need leading our country going forward. I’m praying and hoping hard today that we can go forward with a message of peace and unity from Joe and Kamala.

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