What country you asked?

Democracy by Sarah Yeoman Watercolor ~ x | Crow art, Watercolor bird, Art

Voices shouting, protesting, demanding to stop the count, fearing it might not go their way. What country you asked?

Please, don’t! It’s too embarrassing to admit. It does sound a bit like South America, or perhaps Eastern Europe in the 80’s, when most of them were still dancing to the music of Russia.

“Does it really matter, if I miscount or forget one?” I had asked the older gentlemen and he quietly, but with a clear voice explained to me that every sheet of paper that I hold in my hands, is a voice that has the right to be heard.

Holding voices in my hands, a night I never forgot.

Cars in the middle of the road, blocking bridges. Voter suppression openly on display by people who wouldn’t allow this to happen to them.

I have the right, but you don’t!

The year is 2020, a country is writing a dark chapter right now. Future generations will read about it. They will shake there heads in disbelieve, wondering if their grandparents and parents had a part in it, and if so, which side were they on?

People walking the streets, begging for their voices to be heard, to be counted.

A Democracy crumbling, but still standing. Shaken to its core!

My vote, my voice, my right to be heard!

A leader’s last attempt to stop the inevitable. Asking for recounts in states where he lost, demanding a halt of the counting, when the results suit him just fine.

Big bird tweeting.

Child’s play? No, adults acting like spoiled brats. Not willing to accept the voice of the people. Not willing to see democracy at work.

What country you asked?

Please, don’t ask, it’s too painful to admit. You might not even believe me.

Armed protesters kept under control by the police, threatened election workers who spend the night counting, just like I did so many years ago.

Perhaps all of us should work at the poll ones. Holding people’s voices in your hands teaches one more about democracy then any history book ever could.

Democracy on life support. Fighting hard!

What country you asked?

13 thoughts on “What country you asked?

  1. He’s like a child who won’t take no for an answer. I cannot understand how those who work with him can sleep at night. Let’s hope this madness is over soon and your country can begin the healing process. A great post.

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  2. I have been so sad today. I’ve felt outrage almost daily for four years. Today, sadness. We are in a mess and it’s painful to behold. Your very thoughtful short essay speaks for me, and more than half the country. The other half, and the reason for my sadness, seem to have made peace with chaos.

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    • Cleaning up the mess will start at home, in schools. We the people have to acknowledge our differences, we have to address racism. No leader, no party can make us understand each other..we have to want to do it. It starts with you and me!


  3. I am unsure whether he is a thoroughly horrible, despicable man, or genuinely does not understand how the electoral system works, and why do his advisers not say “You are wrong!”
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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