Guilty until Proven Innocent

Lexington - Donald Trump's effort to sow mistrust is looking like an  own-goal | United States | The Economist

So Trump has won the election, but can’t prove it because the evidence shows otherwise. Nevertheless, he filed one lawsuit after the next -because the name of the game is denial and he plays it well for decades. It keeps his fanatic fans and followers busy hoping and dreaming of a time when democracy will be dead once and for all and a new area of everlasting Republican Plutocracy will transport the wealthy 1% of our population straight into paradise.

As for the remaining 99% no such luck I fear, but hey, we won’t care. We want to be controlled by the overly rich, surely they have our best interest at heart -don’t you think? And in case they don’t, nothing much will change.

Our health insurance will still only be great if you don’t get sick, the minimum wage will never be enough, women right’s and equal pay will continue to be a utopian vision of rebellious females like me, and for people who dare to love the WRONG gender, or dare to question their own gender identity…sorry, boys and girls you need to learn to fit in.

Plutocracy on Steam

The Election was rigged and stolen,” but only the Presidential election. May I point out that the election of the Senators was not rigged and not stolen -which is another election miracle considering that they were on the same ballot. The senate result is not in question, at least not until January when Georgia will have to re-vote, if then another hard-earned Stacy Abram’s miracle should occur and the Democrats would win, then of course this election was rigged and stolen as well.

The rules are so simple!

Cartoonist's Take | Trump election fraud – Santa Cruz Sentinel
It’s mind blowing!

The last four years have been long, it felt a little bit like dog-years for everybody who happened to not be a Trump fanatic. Reading the newspapers felt like walking through a minefield. So much Trump, how could I not step on him and his famn damily.

So now since Trump is history, what am I going to bitch about? Goodness, I might have to overthink the concept of my blog -again. What is left of me without Trump and cigarettes?

Perhaps it will leave me writing sarcastic pieces about life in general, or overly dramatic complaints about things like half-full deodorants -which bother me endlessly.

Soon we all will find ourselves back in an old familiar way of living, perhaps even will enjoy a dose of normality.

What I Learned - Volume 1 - Positive Energy Guy

I have learned there is a difference between being educated and being well-educated. While both give us knowledge, only being well-educated seems to give us the capability for critical thinking, the willingness to question, and the ability to research even subjects we rather would be right about.

I have learned that for some I am the enemy because some people judge me by my political affiliations and believes, not me as a person -which is sad because they might miss out on a lot.

I have learned that the President of the United States is not automatically the President of all Americans. May this never happen again!

I learned that there are still some Republicans and Democrats who think just like me. It’s just politics, we still can be friends! Politics don’t define us!

I have learned that I am a very compassionate human being and that NOTHING, NOTHING can bring me down. My arms and eyes are now more open!

I have learned that religion can be an evil thing, if people, whose ancestors came to the United States to be free from religious tyranny try now to imprison us all under their beliefs.

I have learned that the perfect Democracy we all thought we have is still in the making. The boat has been rocked, the ground has shifted a bit -so far so good. We are still on course -just not on time!

I have learned that this world is not perfect, that we have to work on it every day -just like we have to work on a good relationship. We took too much for granted -lesson learned I hope.

I have learned that I have the ability to change things -even if they are very tiny and very little.

Just being me Photograph by Stanka Vukelic

3 thoughts on “Guilty until Proven Innocent

  1. So very well analyzed and said, Bridget. I am prepared to accept that many of the problems, if not all, the inequities and the shiftiness of politics and the ugliness of human nature will not disappear on January 20th, but we likely won’t see a leader completely devoid of truth and compassion and we will have someone who cares whether Americans (or people around the world) live or die. Right now, that’s enough for me. I’m exhausted from the last four years.


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