SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected! There it was, something positive this year I didn’t want to hear. My husband went Sunday in the morning to get his COVID test done -part of his pre-op for Thursday’s procedure- and three hours later an incoming message informed us of the unexpected. His test came back positive.

I could see the shock and disbelieve in his face. He had been so careful, has worn his face mask everywhere he went, he has kept his distance like most of us do. Still, he got COVID and as we know now, so far four other people have tested positive at his work as well. Three with symptoms, my husband is so far -let’s all just knock on wood, please- asymptomatic.

I went on autopilot because that’s what women do. We don’t give ourselves too much freedom to panic, we start SHIFTING things around. We make plans, we make lists to make sure we don’t forget or overlooks something. Maybe getting things done is our shield to prevent panic to settle in.

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I spent hours on the phone with my customers and students, and it surprised me how understanding everybody was. All my classes got post phoned until January and I made a new work schedule, allowing me to take it easy -if and when it will be necessary. I will open the doors of my workroom one day next week, on the 22nd, so that some of my customers can pick up their furniture before Christmas, but besides that, my door is locked. The pickups will be honor-pickups. Payment online without touching a card, money, or a check. I trust my customers.

I am lucky, I have work lined up until the end of February already, and now I got a free helper who is going to be bored out of his mind by the end of the week.

My husband’s work got informed, and surprisingly enough, he will be on sick-leave -two weeks paid sick leave may I add which is unheard of in the United States of America- until Monday, December 28th. Our Christmas just got brighter -and quieter.

A few hours later, Sunday in the evening our 2-week lockdown begun.

We have toilet paper in the house, there is enough food in the freezer and in the pantry. The fridge is full and a 50-lbs bag of dog food just came in the other day. We are all set and ready to hibernate in our home.

Personal view: There are positive outcomes of Coronavirus – Dobie News

Whenever I think it can’t get worse, the universe laughs at me, LET ME SHOW YOU it seems to say. The old familiar question pops up in my mind. Why us? And somewhere far away a voice whispers WHY NOT?

Today is day #3 and so far so good. We both have mild symptoms, a bit of cough, a bit of a sniffle, a bit of a temperature and a bit of a temper.

Are we scared? Yes, we are, but we don’t talk about it -yet. I have some cold symptoms for ten days, nothing dramatic, just sinus pressure and a stuffed nose, which I always have this time of the year. He is sniffling and coughing just the same as he always does in the morning. We are ex-smokers, that’s part of our daily routine.

Should I get tested? Yes, I suppose but it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Millions have survived COVID-19 and we intend to do the same. Yes, we have health issues and we both are in a higher risk group, but there is no reason to panic -yet. Besides being unhealthy, we are fairly healthy. Filled up with vitamins and juices, living a healthy lifestyle. Working out, watching our weight, even when we watch it climb up. Comon life, give me a break!

We are taking it one day at a time and try to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. My husband just did the dishes. Life is good!

When I tried to find a picture or a song that would sum up how I feel, I got lucky. I very sweet teacher composed the perfect song. That’s as good as it gets. Not sure why they are laughing, though.

12 thoughts on “COVID POSITIVE – What now?

  1. IDK about you, but for some odd reason I feel like if I and the rest of the world can only hold out till 2021, everything will be OK. Of course, that’s akin to what I felt on the Monday after Biden had been declared the winner and the first vaccine was announced. Based on that track record alone, we all know life and the world will not magically be or even look better on 1/1/21.

    And similar to your year it seems that things have gone from bad to worse as the end of 2020 finally approaches. My stressors are nowhere near as serious as yours have been, for which I am grateful along with the fact that you and your husband survived his surgeries and related drama and difficulties to date. And now this! I’m with you -Comon life, give Brdget a break.

    Amongst all my lower level drama, and and in the past, I have almsost always gone on autopilot which I agree is what women do. I guess I used to go into action as you have but now my autopilot only leaves me in neutral, too lazy or too afraid to do take hardly any immediate action at all. I know there are reasons for that, one of which is I now live with my mom who has to have everything handled immediately so I am probably subconsciously rebelling against that. I’m also pretty sure it’s a sign of the decreasing self-confidence I felt around my husband as our marriage disintegrated over the last year or so. Both Mom and spouse think I overreact which I see as a self-defense mechanism against my self-imposed guilt for not living up to their expectations. Yeah, I have a lot of self work to do in 2021. In my younger more self-confident days, though, I recall that getting things done (was my) shield to prevent panic to settle in. I doubt I’ll ever reach that level of self-assurance again.

    I don’t know how you’ll react to my final thought on the near end of this totally miserable year, but I just returned from the funeral of my mom’s boyfriend’s son. He was a year younger than me and the kids in our two families had grown up together till we became adults who all went our separate ways until we were drawn back together again by our newly widowed respective parents when they hooked up as a couple 15 years ago. When we heard Roy was dead, we were all very surprised because he too was filled up with vitamins and juices, living a healthy lifestyle. He expected to live to be 105 like his aunt who finally passed just two months ago. The bad part is that he didn’t achieve this goal. The good part is that he died from a crash on his bike. He had been fortunate to be able to make a modest living as a sports journalist as well as making friends all over the world through his participation in “work-related” sports events. There was even an honor guard of his fellow bikers at the funeral as well as many great memories they all shared on his facebook page and in related publications.

    Anyway, after all that has happened to you this year, and in sharing this story about Roy, I hope you’ll continue to have a positive attitude till the end of this year and beyond, as well as continuing to enjoy (thought let’s be honest here – and sometimes endure, too) your hopefully healthy spouse and rewarding profession. Take care and hang in. Best wishes for you both ahead.


  2. Goodness, Bridget! I’m so sorry! I think what you’re experiencing is what I fear the most–exposure even when you’re careful. You and your husband were doing what you could to be cautious and proactive in protecting yourselves. As you say, your life just came to an abrupt stop and all attention should be directed to just resting and caring for yourselves. I trust you’ll do well and be able to tell us all about it soon. Again, however, I am really sorry!!

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  3. Oh dear, not what you wanted on top of everything else that has happened to you. I guess you need to get tested too, just to make sure. And I hope you both only have mild symptoms and recover quickly. Not much more I can say except to send you some virtual hugs! 🤗

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