Just Thinking out Quietly

The Two-Party System Broke the Constitution - The Atlantic

A Democrat and a Republican meet in Trump’s stomach.
“Did he eat you too?” the Democrat asks.
“No, I came from the other side.

I haven’t heard the joke before. I laughed, then nodded. Yep, that’s how it’s done, also knows as brownnosing, if I am not mistaken.

This week, some GOP senators will stand up, they will not accept the outcome of the democratic election. In their eyes, the election was in parts fraudulent, and the election result giving Joe Biden the win, is wrong, even though there is no evidence and numerous court claims have been dismissed by Republican judges.

But what if they are wrong. What if Joe Biden’s win is much bigger and Trump’s numbers are too high and have been manipulated? Wait, I can’t say that, there is no evidence, it would be wrong.

I do however have one question, please, if you don’t mind.

If senators, who got elected by a democratic system don’t accept the result of a democratic system, can they still be senators of a democracy? Or should anyone who doesn’t accept democracy perhaps should not be a member of a democratic state?

One thing has become clear to me over the last few years. The American Constitution, for its age, is an extremely progressive, forward-looking charter with many clever barriers and obstacles to protect the system. What has also become clear, however, is that the constitution has some weak points that need to be addressed in a proper reform with a non-partisan convention. This affects the position of the president, as well as the party system and the right to vote. Unfortunately, most Americans tout their Constitution like a scripture that is not written by humans.

Election fraud is actually a Republican invention if you think about it. Who has benefited from electoral districts for decades? Who won earlier thanks to the voting machines. Wo hindered voters from registering for the elections?

I do have to add that the Democrats have also cut electoral districts that were convenient for them. The problem is not that both parties do it, the problem is that it’s possible.

The GOP senators who will not accept the election result are fully aware that it won’t change the result of the election. It’s a publicity stunt to impress the die-hard Trump supporters because in four years they will need their votes -and many of them might not vote for anybody but Trump.

Oh, the games they play! Oh, they fools we are!

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6 thoughts on “Just Thinking out Quietly

  1. Bridget-

    I can tell by this post that you have learned some of the drawbacks of our form of government. Based on the events of this week and the reactions thereto (including some unexpected ones from elected officials, specifically the two TN Senators, including the new one, showing that maybe that place i have now left behind is not as backward as I thought), I hope over the next year (and probably more) you will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the opportunities it gives us to chage it and strive to become closer to a “more perfect union.”


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