Together, Divided, United, Believing!

Yes, the Constitution Set Up a Democracy - The Atlantic

Democracy on the line
proud boys on standby
the last attempt to land a coup.

A President tweeting
hoping they do his dirty work
unmasked they storm the Capital
their demands are clear.

The will of the people doesn’t matter
so many lies have been told
a terror attack from within
anarchist waving the flag
of a country, they don’t represent.

Tears are flowing
at home, we sit dived -united
in disbelieve watching

No matter if left or right
white or black
Hispanic or native
woman or man
hetero or gay
together we stand
against anarchy.

Together, divided united

Better Times?
The beginning, or the end?
The people will decide
united -not divided!

Is America really a democracy?

6 thoughts on “Together, Divided, United, Believing!

  1. Anarchy is such a good word – the anarchists of the early 20th century followed a similar pattern – the leaders doing the inciting and the followers taking action. The difference with today being that the leaders were intellectuals.


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