An Old Familiar Feeling

U.S. cities light up for COVID-19 victims in Biden-led memorial — photos -  Axios

Last night, when I saw the 400 lights at the Reflection Pool, I felt sadness and how could I not, knowing that the 400 lights stood for almost 400,000 lost lives. The people we have lost to COVID-19 being mourned publicly for the first time in a year.

Buildings and landmarks across this nation followed the example. Cities lit up for the victims of the Coronavirus pandemic that has taken too many lives.

Chicago to go dark and silent for COVID-19 memorial Tuesday - Chicago  Tribune
Chicago went silent

We, the people need moments like this. They are moments of reflection, showing each other that we care. Honoring victims, supporting grieving families.

Photos: Purple lights honor Minnesota's COVID-19 victims, frontline workers  | Grand Forks Herald

“We gather tonight as a nation in mourning to pay tribute to the lives we have lost,” Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said in the ceremony. “For many months, we have grieved by ourselves. Tonight, we grieve and begin healing together.”

“To heal we must remember,” said President-elect Joe Biden. “That’s why we’re here today.”

Hernando DeSoto Bridge lights up for COVID-19 victims
Hernando de Soto Bridge Memphis

“We are back to normal,” my husband said quietly and I nodded. Yes, we are. After four years of darkness, empathy and compassion will move back into the White House today.

This is not about politics, this is about so much more. The heart of this nation, the soul, our togetherness depends on moments like this. Holding hands quietly, united by pain, suffering and grief, just like we hug each other when we cheer and celebrate.

Normal feels good. Nothing was normal about the last four years and I am relieved that the Trump-experiment finally is coming to an end.

Thank you voters! 81 Million people must feel the same way I do today! My Goodness, did I miss normal!

12 thoughts on “An Old Familiar Feeling

  1. I am really happy for USA, the people have finally chosen sanity over the last few years of hogwash. Hopefully, the days of misery will be over very soon. This pandemic has taken a toll on so many lives, i can just hope and pray that days get better and this pandemic doesn’t take away any other life.


  2. I look at it as a new normal. On the one hand, how normal is it to have to stay away from people? On the other hand, I have found myself emotionally and mentally decompressing from the Trump craziness to the old time politics practiced by Joe Biden.

    It will take a while to get used to the lack of the crazy drama and move back to the normal drama of politics. I fear even that, though, will continue to be colored by Trump’s followers and the pandemic he did so little to limit. I hope we’re at least headed back in the direction of the old normal.


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