Groove or Horse Hockey?

“They are right up my alley,” I said, softly swinging from one side to the other in my chair. Shoulder rolling, half-closed eyes, and all the other things this kind of music makes me do. “They have the groove,” I said and my husband laughed.

GROOVE! Nobody has the groove anymore these days I got informed. It’s an old outdated word, used by an elderly stubborn lady like me, who just doesn’t give a hoot about what words are in -or not. People change, language changes, and while I am all for it, it doesn’t mean I have to forget about my old treasures like calling things out as HORSE HOCKEY.

Mash GIF

What can I say? I watched M*A*S*H when I learned English, and Cornel Potter is responsible for a lot of my curse-word vocabulary. He was the master of clean swearwords, and I took on a few (too many.) Monkey Muffins and Buffalo-Bagels, you just can’t beat it!

I suppose I am not in anymore and that’s alright with me. I never understood it anyway. If there are in-words, are there out-words as well?

Well, as I said, I don’t care. I am older, I have been around the block numerous times, and I have a right to sound like it. Don’t you think?

So back to the music. What a smooth sound. The band greeted President Biden and Vice President Harris by name -which I found very charming- and they didn’t miss to introduce themselves by name either -which I found very clever. Both stuck with me. The band’s name, and the good manners.

Then they started playing and while I was GROOVING I looked over to my husband, who also got the wiggles in his chair. He grooves differently. The man-groove I suppose. He plays invisible drums, and sometimes even air guitar, which I find very humorous. An older gentleman with white hair, acting like a 20-year old rocker. It can’t get better than that.

He liked the band and the song as well. So before you think I might be mighty full of myself (which I am) I let you decide.

Groove or Horse Hockey?

10 thoughts on “Groove or Horse Hockey?

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  2. I have to say I have opened myself a bit more to some of the newer music and artists. I think that’s because the ones I like actually sound like music that we can groove to. Sometimes I have to remind the younger generations that some of the tunes they like now are mere remakes, either in whole or in part, of the songs I or even others before them or me grew up with.

    I really like Alicia Keys among today’s artists. John Legend a little less so. My favorite part of that show was the duet by Justin Timberlake and a new artist backed by a local high school choir. They ended up in the streets of Memphis, JT’s hometown and the birth of a very melodic form of blues music. All were very appropriate for our times.


  3. I did a little grooving myself that day. And although I’m certainly a senior citizen, I know how to enjoy music. I used my Shazam app to identify any artists I didn’t know and then added them to my Spotify playlists. I may be old, but I can still groove! 🤣

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  4. I laughed when you said you learned English and curse words from MASH- now that’s smart! Yes, words come in and out of fashion, I like you own who you are and don’t care! 🙂 Poppycock! I’m feeling groovy from this post 🙂

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