Acquitted Again

Hat sich nach Ansicht zahlreicher Senatoren nicht der »Anstiftung zum Aufruhr« schuldig gemacht: Ex-US-Präsident Donald Trump

And if you are really quiet and listen closely, you will hear the world laughing at us and let’s be honest, we deserve it!

I am grateful that all of this FARCE was shown so openly on TV all around the world. Reading the headlines around the globe, I know many feel the same disgust as I do.

Trump will not be held accountable for the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, which left five dead. A ban on future government offices is also off the table. Mitch McConnell announced that he was calling for an acquittal because he only saw impeachment as an instrument to disempower incumbent presidents. For Trump, McConnell found clear words, according to the AP news agency. The ex-president was “practically and morally” responsible for the riots.

Then why the double standard Mr. McConnell?

According to consistent reports, the ex-president himself commented on the judgment after the vote. The impeachment process was another part of the “Greatest witch hunt in the history of the country.” Trump had repeatedly referred to allegations against him in the past as a “witch hunt”.

Trump went on to say that his political movement was only just beginning. “Our historical, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again has only just begun,” said the ex-president. “There’s never been anything like it!” Trump thanked the Republican senators for acquitting them. The Democrats tried to undermine the rule of law, he claimed.

America has lost its moral compass a while ago. Power seems to be steering this ship toward an unknown horizon. Is it the promised land or the abyss? I guess that will depend on what side you are on.

Presidents and Ex-Presidents are now officially above the law. I am just an average woman with an average education. However, I have high standards and they are being trampled on.

I will never forget how the storm of The Capitol made me feel. The shock, the tears, the disbelieve and the anger. Many of my friends -both sides of the aisle- felt exactly the same way.

I wondered if January 6th would be the beginning or the end. Now I know!

It is only the beginning!

Watch out America and fasten your seatbelt! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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So true!

15 thoughts on “Acquitted Again

  1. Mouth hanging open here. If you want some positive political vibes, read A Promised Land. It tells, in immensely readable form, how difficult running the country is, and yet shows how it is possible to have faith in politicians trying to do good. Biden was Obama’s right hand man, so we can hope for a similar ethical vision.

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    • I will read it. I could use some positive vibes, that’s for sure. I have high hopes that Biden will do good, but I am terrified Trump started a movement that cannot be stopped -since nothing seems to stop him.

      I expect him to be prosecuted as private citizen. If we fail to do that, then we will be in serious trouble.

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  2. It is difficult to be positive about the future, but we must be. Despite the millions of people who voted for Trump, and who still believe he is a great guy, common sense and goodness will prevail. Keep smiling Bridget. Love to you and yours on this Valentine’s day.

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