America and its Guns


The lockdown is over
evil is back reloading

Aiming to hurt and kill
searching for targets

Somewhere, anywhere
no one is safe

Freedom and Rights
more worth than a life?

Thoughts and Prayers
overused phrases

Ten shootings in seven days
the old normal

I had almost forgotten
got quickly reminded

America is back
and so are the guns

13 thoughts on “America and its Guns

      • Oh no, Bridget! Now you’re starting to sound more like me, the eternal realist. Believe it or not, though, in the midst of the chaos that is currently my personal life, I am looking at the overall state of affairs in the US with a bit more optimism of late. I think Biden, with his history of both personal tragedy and a career in politics when it was not quite as ugly and polarized as it is now, has inspired that in me. Of course, the fact that more of the right-wing crazies are being called out and maybe even ostracized for their personal misdeeds (as it was in years past and which make what the former comedian Al Franken did in a similar vein seem very tame by comparison) could possibly move us along to getting those people out of office by 2022, thus making it easier for Biden’s progressive agenda to be approved and enacted more quickly. Seems like that’s what most of the sheepish American people really want, anyway. Fingers crossed!

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        • I hope I always will be a realist, even though I have the tendency to be very optimistic. As for the U.S. I don’t share you optimism, quite the contrary. Trump has gotten away with it, watch what will come next. It won’t be pretty. Biden is not progressive, is driving (and thriving) in the middle. While the Republican’s have moved very far right, the Democrats moved to the middle and left the progressive behind.

          As for Al Franken, he was crucified by his own party, because that’s what Democrats do.


          • You are a very tough realist. Now, just a month after making this blue sky comment, I can see how right and forward thinking you are about what came next for the Trumpers.


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