Weight Loss Hell or Miracle from Heaven?

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My neighbor just signed up for Weight Watchers and she is excited the same way she always is when she finds help on her never-ending weight loss journey. “I was a chubby child, an overweight adult and now I am an overweight older Grandma,” she says and then she tells me about her heavy bones, and how she was doomed to be overweight her whole life. “It’s genetic!”

She tried it all. Diet pills, diet drinks, cardboard-like overpriced food which was sent to her home in cardboard boxes -which perhaps was meant to give her a hint on how it would taste. Now she is hopeful -again. A smart company called Weight Watchers has turned calories into points, and now she will succeed. Again, she signed up and paid upfront for a service. This should be the first alarming sign. Why not a 50% deposit, and 50% after you succeed? Are they not sure you will succeed? Or pay all when you hit your goal. They promise success, so what’s there to lose?

13 Things They Don't Tell You At Weight Watchers - Honestly Helen

My neighbor wants to lose the 50 pounds she needs to get rid of for decades. And it will work -for a short time. The truth is it will go as it always does. Highly motivated she will attend meetings, will cook and eat what these geniuses recommend, and she will add and subtract points and by doing so she will lose 10 to 15 pounds. Then slowly she will fall back into old habits, she will lose interest in counting points and she will gain all the weight back to be right there where she is today.

Then she will be critical with the program (not with herself) and she will pout for a few weeks, perhaps even months until something ‘new’ will come along, giving her the same hope.

I watch from the sideline, always ready to gently lift her up again, when she will be down.

I believe some people are on medications or have diseases that make weight loss extremely hard. I myself have been on steroids for almost three years and the weight gain was terrifying. But the majority of overweight and morbidly obese people here in the U.S. are not on medications, neither do they have diseases that make them immobile. Most of the overweight people here in the U.S. are just out of control.

It’s really not rocket science. If we constantly eat too much and don’t exercise we will gain weight. If we are a lazy couch potato who eats like a construction worker, we will gain weight.

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We are what we eat. If we feel sluggish and our world seems to be foggy. Look at what we eat. Most of our food these days is overly processed and full of beautiful chemical ingredients we can’t pronounce. The box says HEALTHY but the truth is it’s as unhealthy as it can be. Chicken should not have sodium added, milk should not have sugar added.

The diet industry is a billion-dollar industry. Full of miracle cures and promises they never keep. Hope in a bottle or a quick solution in pill form. Appetite suppressants being the number one seller, followed by laxatives’ promising to gently relieve us when we overate again.

I am now forced to live a very strict and healthy lifestyle. I have an autoimmune disorder -actually two. Either I behave or I have to be heavily medicated. No dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no processed food. Is it easy? Nope, but it’s so worth it. The first four weeks were hell, then I got used to it. I felt the difference, perhaps the biggest reward!

Sometimes I wonder why my neighbor eats the way she eats. Is she really hungry or just bored? Happy people don’t overeat, perhaps she is not happy with her life?

Is her appetite really asking for food, or does she have an appetite for life itself?

Overeating happens if we eat more than we should. Let’s say with 2000 calories an average woman with a moderate lifestyle holds her weight, that also means a woman eating 3000 calories will gain weight and a woman eating 1500 calories will lose weight. It’s a no-brainer.

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2000 calories are your gambling ‘money’ for the day. Write down what you eat faithfully -and there really is no bad food if you don’t have health restrictions- and when you hit 0 you are done for the day. If you want more, earn it. Walk an hour and you can have the donut -if you then still want it. Take an online Zumba class, dance your behind off and you won’t feel guilty if you drink the two beers afterward.

It’s simple math, yet it seems to be so hard to understand.

The portions in the U.S. are insane and the serving sizes had to be adjusted for the enormous appetite we have. The small soda here is still bigger than the large Coca Cola in Europe. Think about it?

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Eat your burger and eat your fries, but not every day. Nothing is wrong with carbs, nothing is wrong with having two or three cookies. Eating a whole sleeve, well that’s another story.

Today many aim for the EASY WAY OUT. Gastric sleeves or gastric bypasses, invasive surgeries that will bring weight loss, but won’t cure the problem. If you eat too much if you are overeating and binge eating, find out why you do it. I myself was hoarding chocolate as a child and a teenager. I had a stash of GOODIES hidden away. I didn’t get sweets when I still lived with my parents and being sent to bed without dinner was the norm when they were fighting. My past was the reason for my hoarding problem. I had to face it -today I don’t even eat chocolate. Invasive surgery is not the answer to your problem. Most likely you will start to gain weight again.

My neighbor doesn’t need Weight Watchers. She needs to meet with a therapist, a nutritionist or perhaps even a group meeting with other people who are in the same boat. Finding out what is going on deep down, what a hurtful trip it can be.

16 Funny Diet Quotes For Extra Weight Loss Motivation

Cravings are just a suggestion given to us by our brain. A craving is not a command. That’s what I learned when I gave up smoking. My brain gave me the signal that I wanted a cigarette because it didn’t know any better. I had to re-program it. Is it simple? Nope, but it’s not hard either.

In the end it all is a choice. Do I choose to be healthy or do I choose to give in?

Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only do occasionally!

This simple sentence hit home so hard. I read it and it brought me to my knees. All my excuses flew out of the window.

The food industry in Europe and in the U.S. has a goal. Within the next ten years, most of us will rely on pre-cooked food and most of us will not cook at home anymore. Cooking meals in our kitchen will then be reserved for special occasions. Ordering in and eating out will be the new normal.

A student of mine works at a very well-known company who makes jams and preserves, also coffee and many other things. She works in the laboratory. All the science and test-eaters have only one goal, to make their product more tasteful, but also more addictive. If we like it, we want more…and we do.

Chips, snacks, sweets, carbs, fried food.

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We have demonized certain foods like carbs, with the result that we offer extreme diets to perfectly healthy people who don’t need them. All for the dream to be slim, lean and beautiful like all the photoshopped celebrities’.

Imagine, even a Millionaire like Oprah Winfried didn’t have the brain to hire a chef who would cook healthy meals for her, but instead she too had to go to Weight Watchers to add 2+2 together. Pretty sad isn’t it?

Well, as long as we believe it, she will make more money selling us HER product and we are in good company.

While I don’t understand all the new beauty trend, because I don’t find a morbidly obese men or women attractive, I am all for it. If you are happy the way you are. Why change it? Beauty comes in all form and sizes. Love yourself unconditionally and be confident. If you are happy the way you are. Why torture yourself?

But if you are not happy! Then make a choice! Every morning. It’s not going to be given to you on a silver platter -nothing ever is if you are not born rich. Maybe it has to be hard? Maybe success should not come easy. Maybe not all of us are supposed to be slim and healthy.

You are worth it! Cry, laugh, be loud, make some noise -work on you! Become you want to be!


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14 thoughts on “Weight Loss Hell or Miracle from Heaven?

  1. Enjoyed reading this post and you are correct on your points. I am on weight watchers currently and have lost 11 pounds. I see it as a lifestyle and hopefully your neighbor will too. I’ve learned how to eat properly and choose better foods for my body without restricting myself. I will never go back. I agree she needs to see a therapist because her issues are deeply rooted like many people myself included. Wishing her the best and thanks for sharing.

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  2. Weight Loss Hell or Miracle from Heaven? Doomed to be fat?

    Oh boy, I can tell you how you feel about your neighbor’s never-ending quest at first set me off big time, because I have been exactly like her throughout my life. I was mollified a little, though, by your mention of how you quit smoking. In your case compared to mine I often said in the past that one must eat to live. This maxim cannot be applied to smoking.

    In the long run, though, they’re both addictions that require concentrated effort to change one’s habits, which is not easy for any type of addiction. What you’ve described as taking place in food labs as well as the goodies like nicotine that were added to cigarettes for the same purpose don’t make that any easier, right?

    My food issues mainly came from being around my mom who herself made it an issue based on being around her mom who also had an issue. My grandma developed osteoporosis big time because she changed her eating habits so drastically that her dramatic weight loss was probably more unhealthy, especially in the long run, than her excess weight.

    As this way of thinking seems to run in the female side of my family I was afraid I had passed it along to my own daughters but thankfully they were too smart to fall for their grandma’s appearance shaming. I think their good sense in that regard came from me telling them over and over again the only standards for anything they had to live up to were their own!

    Generally for women, at least in modern history, appearance that conforms to the ideal standard is very much tied to self worth. That’s why I have to continually battle with myself to not allow my weight (which I measure way too often) to be in any way tied to my self image or self worth. Even now, when Mom is barely a wraith of her formerly not really unhealthy for as long as I can remember previous size (she has no teeth and sometimes even forgets to eat), she still sees herself as being a size extra large. I was only able to convince her to get rid of some of her old clothes by showing her where another person could now fit in them with her! Even then, I still had to let her hold on to a few.

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  3. She might be a success and surprise you, Bridget. I lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers more than 10 years ago and have kept it off. I found the program kind of fun, to be honest. Exercise plays a significant role in the program. I think Weight Watchers is very effective, but an individual does have to follow the lead.

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    • I hope so, but doubt it. She is not the ‘moving type’ and considers any form of exercise punishment. She eats wrong and too much. I hope she will succeed. Maybe one day it will click!

      Congratulations on your weight loss and on keeping it off.


  4. Marvellous post Bridget. I love the quote “Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only do occasionally!” and it is so true. I smoked until the age of 52, cigarettes and then a pipe. I gave up on 1 October 2000. I could start again at any time but I choose not to. Not only are there health reasons not to but there are also financial reasons too. That applies equally to obesity. Every day I see toddlers who are already grossly overweight and they have barely started to walk. What the future holds for them I dread to think!

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  5. Like it or not, your fat cells will stay with you for life even if you lose weight. They can shrink in size, but hundreds of thousands of years of evolution requires them to swell again, so that you don’t die from starvation. They are your energy reserve and they make it hard for anyone to lose weight.

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    • I truly believe we have to exercise and move. We are not meant to be lazy or sit hours for in front of the computer. Every day one hour me-time. Walking, riding a bike, swimming…it doesn’t have to be dramatic.

      Of course fat cells will stay, that’s there job, but it’s up to us to be in control. There is a difference between being overweight or being obese. Here in the U.S. we have too many of them.

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