Don’t Do The Time

DC Report: Peace plan not — more like Monopoly's Get Out of Jail Free card

Soon, the political affiliation will matter more than ever. A new bill the house will vote on next week, will ask prosecutors and judges to be lenient IF the suspect belongs to their political party. For example IF the state is run by Democrats, most likely in the future democratic criminals will get away with a slap on the wrist rather than be locked up behind bars, same goes vice versa for Republican states.

Party affiliation can play a significant role in the life of every criminal from now on. Living in the WRONG state, could mean spending years in prison, while living in the RIGHT state will keep you shielded from the consequences for your actions.

You do the crime, don’t do the time! That’s the new motto and it could help hundreds of criminals to return home to their families, instead of spending time isolated in a prison cell.

Independents however, will be doomed no matter where they live. None of the parties will particularly care for their future, so their lives will be in the hands of a judge and the jury -which seems pretty outdated and rather brutal.

Th new law when in effect, will change the lives of criminals forever. Joining a political party has never been more important than it is today. The right choice and you walk away, smiling and perhaps planning your next crime.

Does it sound like fiction? Am I a little bit too sarcastic? Should I not make up stories like this because they sound to real?

But why not? Isn’t it what we live here in the US already?

The GOP just stopped The Capitol Attack Commission!

The same party, who wanted to lock up Hillary Clinton for sending emails from an unsecured server, is now giving an Ex-President who caused the storm of OUR Capitol a free ride. People were killed, people were harmed. Millions of Americans have witnessed the crime live at home.

Can it get any more disgusting?

A commission to investigate an obvious crime -the storm of The Capitol, committed on January 6th 2021- will now not be appointed, because the political party who the criminals belong to, are against it.

I am trying to wrap my head around it. It’s like asking the rapist if he wants to prosecuted and not his victim.

The GOP is shielding the crime and the criminals of all possible consequences and so Ex-President Trump, their former leader, who they now need more than ever, will not face consequences. The worst action a President of the United States has ever done, will not be prosecuted.

While the average man and woman who could be seen on camera will be brought to justice, the justice for the ones pulling the strings will never come. We need to buy another blindfold for Lady Justice, because this one even a blind one can see.

I haven’t smelled a thing in five month, but I can tell you without smelling it, this stinks!

It’s like giving drug lords and gang leaders a free pass while arresting little guys in the streets.

Every bone in my body, every brain cell I have left is screaming FOUL! I assume the average American on both sides feel the same way. So why don’t we all scream?

Oh, I see, because you think you belong to the RIGHT side? (Pun intended)

You better think twice. What is the right side today, might be the wrong one tomorrow and before we know it we will all be on the wrong side.

A one-party country would be the end of Democracy. Only in democracy can you hold someone accountable. It’s the only way. In the one-party state, as in China, the party can’t be held accountable. In an autocracy, in the eternal autocracy, Russia, the ruler can’t be held accountable.

I really honestly don’t know if we have a democracy anymore. Since Kennedy was killed, I’ve wondered. Having an honest vote is the only way out. Too bad one major party is utterly opposed to that.

The truth is that the Republican party needs democracy to fail, that’s the only way they will stay in power. We better enjoy democracy or what is left. What’s next to come won’t be pretty! I see the similarities to Germany 1930. I see the similarities to Erdogan and Mussolini and many more.

Do you?

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Do The Time

  1. Yes, what I see scares me. My daughter is thinking of starting a family with her husband and I just wonder what kind of a future there will be for my grandchild. I hope somehow we can stop it from happening, but it looks pretty bleak right now.

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