Should We Write About Everything?

Yesterday I had an unexpected reaction to a blog post. An older man, in his 60′ or 70’s had written a post about Bras. It’s wasn’t a funny post. He wasn’t sharing his lifelong KNOW-HOW on how to open a bra with one hand, or a story about all the bras he might have had the pleasure of meeting in his lifetime.

No, it was a dry post about how to correctly measure a bra, how to wear it and some other guidelines for women, who might be new in the ‘bra’ business and/or are on the lookout for some guidance ala Oprah.

The most honest reaction you get from me is always the first one. The unfiltered one, the one when I say what comes to my mind.

The first word that came to my mind was CREEP and it surprised me. It was closely followed by PERVERT which surprised me even more. This is the internet, we all can write and do what we want. There is no etiquette in the blogging world, no laws or regulations other than to be nice -which is the one rule I kicked out of the window a long time ago.

The internet vs reality. How would I react if an older gentleman would start talking about bras in a park or at a mall, perhaps even to young women and girls. I would not like it and I would have the same reaction. I would find it CREEPY.

The lingerie business is a man-controlled, female-oriented business. Men design what they think we should wear, which is wrong, to begin with. We all have bought bra inventions, we quickly threw back in the dresser, and never wore again -countless times to be honest. Now slowly women have begun to take back the industry. One of my best students is a lingerie designer, and I love the way she works with fabrics. Her style is meant to make women feel good about themselves, but it’s also practical. Beauty you can see and don’t feel. A dream come true!

So what now. Men posting about bras, what should I write now?

Perhaps I should write a post about jockstraps. I could actually pinpoint some men in the right direction. I had to buy some last year when my husband had testicular surgery. I remember the funny conversations we had during and after.

Here I am married for decades, asking interesting questions about my husband’s privates and the needed size. What does a jockstrap do?

I remembered whistling when I saw him in his royal blue jockstrap for the first time after surgery. He thought it was hilarious too. We were in a good mood, felt relieved, and a bit silly. The procedure had been quick, and the outcome was harmless. The BIG C was off the table, we had a reason to be joyful and goofy. All that was left was a scar, a mountain of gauze and a six-pack of jockstraps.

While I shopped for jockstraps, I had to read up on it. I learned and ordered. What’s there to lose. It’s Amazon for heaven’s sake, if it doesn’t fit it goes back -or not, and it will be donated to the hospital.

Does that make me now an expert for jock straps? No! Does that mean I should write about it. Ops, I just did! My bad!

I got side-tracked by my husband’s privates. Back to the older man who wrote about bras.

The other bloggers who left comments, the ones I still read until we unfollowed each other, were nice and kind -just the way we are supposed to be. They thanked him for his wonderful post. What means in translation nobody really read it, because we seldom do when it’s too dry and too informative.

I, on the other hand, was not nice -I was honest. I was “Nasty” that’s what he wrote, which is better than being “Creepy”, so in my books, I win.

This is my comment:

Let me take a wild guess. You actually know nothing about bras -other than how to open them- and all your wisdom comes from different internet sources you forgot to mention. 

Bras, I assume itโ€™s a great topic to write about for a man, but itโ€™s not believable -if you are not in the lingerie business -which I assume you are not. How can you judge something that you will never be able to wear and feel yourself if you are not a closet crossdresser?

So I find this post very odd.

There you go. I misbehaved -again.

The crossdresser was over the top, it upset him. That’s when he called me NASTY! I do wonder if I hit a nerve?

Would you like to know what else? He “liked” my comment. That’s how screwed up we are in the blogging world. We ‘like’ something that we dislike. Are you kidding me?

Of course, my comment was wrong!

The right thing is to leave a positive, friendly comment or none at all, perhaps even unfollow quickly, to not waste more time in the future. I will never learn how to behave here in the blogging world. What is wrong with me? Please, don’t answer.

Should we write about everything?

Yes and no.

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should!

I write about everything, including menopause. In my opinion, we should write about what has meaning to us. We should share our wisdom, laughter and joys. We should write our hearts out, and spread wisdom and idiocy generously and evenly.

Of course, I can write about jockstraps, but why should I pretend to know something about something I don’t know anything about? Does my menopausal 3″ chin hair makes me now an expert on razors for facial hair? Most likely not, because I prefer to hunt it down with my tweezers. The razor wouldn’t get a chance…facial hair or not.

Maybe, I overreacted because we had men stopping by when we had the bra-drive for the homeless ladies. We collected bras to give the ladies back some dignity, and some men tried to get a piece of JOY out of it. Not on my watch! And I wasn’t the only one who reacted instantly!

Bras and men, an attraction that sometimes goes too far?

Well, I have lost a blog to read, which is easily replaced. He lost a reader, he hardly knew. So no harm done!

When did blogging become so complicated?

Demystifying the Complicated World of Compliance Standards

24 thoughts on “Should We Write About Everything?

  1. I don’t wish to read it but are you sure he is not a cross-dresser? They know some things about bras and have learned it the hard way. Or just a wannabe crossdresser. Anyway, I laughed at your husband’s privates. I mean, how you mention them. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m glad it’s alright now.

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  2. Some write for the prompts, some the subject matter, and others to suggest they know things we others don’t. I remember the post you mention, and that writer just wants to write. Knowledge not necessary or needed. Me? I can get a bra off a woman, when she allows it, and I once surprised someone by doing so one handed! I will read others words, but that is for entertainment. I enjoyed your posts enough to follow you, so I guess ” jockstrap” posts are good for something.

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  3. Well that does sound like a post I would seriously wonder about too. I have done “stream of consciousness” blogs that ultimately end up going either no where or every where. It happens sometimes, but if it is a continual thing I would unfollow that blog as well. Don’t silence yourself… you have an honesty I wish more people had!

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  4. You have me laughing, Bridget! Your questioning of blogging etiquette, or “rules” and standards is very honest, and that’s what sets you apart from so many. I am sure you get yourself in trouble with people from time to time because you ARE honest, and here we are in an age when we are generally divorced from truth. As for the blogger you’re referencing, it is a very odd topic for someone not in the lingerie business! At a minimum it would have seemed necessary to set up the premise in his post as to why he was tackling the topic. I have on occasion read a blog that troubled me for some reason or another and in those cases I just passed on responding at all. I’m not as comfortable with direct confrontation as you may be, but I can indeed say with honesty that I am admiring of your ability to be so forthcoming! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Now you have me laughing.

      Yes, my honesty has brought me in ‘trouble’ before and life would be so often easier if I would just learn to shut up. It’s not that I am not trying, it’s that it seems to mess with my inner peace if I let too much go.

      “Divorcing from the truth,” I can’t tell you how much this true statement bothers me. What we are becoming is downright scary.

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  5. Seriously creepy! Loved your piece on jockstraps. When I was a teenager I had a Saturday job in a sportsโ€™ shop. No one ever asked me for anything other than an XL jockstrap.

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  6. your personality radiates through all your posts and iโ€™m so glad you have a no nonsense attitude about these things ! i think i know exactly which post youโ€™re talking about and i must admit it was very unconventional to say the least…

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