So long, Afghanistan

Afghanistan updates: US Embassy says to avoid airport because it's taking  fire – Illinois News Now

The Military in Afghanistan outnumbers the Taliban 6:1. They have been trained for several years, yet they are not willing to fight for their freedom and for the rights of their wives and daughters. We have to accept that. The way it looks to me, they welcomed the Taliban without fighting. Almost like they are happy to get their country back.

We spent so much money, and we lost so many lives, for a fight that was never ours to begin with. A great percentage of the population in Afghanistan is welcoming the Taliban -a fact that our news channels on both sides and in the middle- seem to overlook.

Afghanistan was never our problem, and we were doomed to fail, just like the UK and Russia, when they tried to get this mountain country under their control.

I am always trying to look at current events through my eyes. I worked in other countries. I worked for a few months in the former Yugoslavia, right about the time when the civil war started. I stayed in contact with a good friend of mine, who happened to be a Marine and never was allowed to tell me where he was -not that it was hard to guess. When he called and told me to GET OUT, guess what I did? I got out, didn’t even blink before I packed my suitcase.

Soldaten der afghanischen Armee: Zusammengebrochen wie ein Kartenhaus
Soldiers of the Afghan army. They didn’t even try to fight.

Now we seem to have people stuck in Afghanistan, people in the embassies and civilians. As much as I try to, I am not getting it. They all knew we will pull our troops out. Why stay? Why risk your life? Was that our plan? First, get the troops out and then the civilians? Gosh, I hope not. It seems that every country that had troops in Afghanistan made the same mistake. How can this be?

I don’t want to be too cynical, but the situation was definitely foreseeable. What are all the famous secret services in the western world doing if they cannot assess such a situation?

Is it a surprise how quickly the Taliban took over the country? No, not at all. It’s their country. Yes, they are terrorists by our standards -still, it’s their country. The Middle East is not a problem Europe, America, or Asia can solve. They will fight it out, they have to.

Afghanistan under the Taliban: What that means for women.

A lot of countries are under a dictatorship and many civilians have to fear for their lives. Russia, Turkey, China -to just name a few.

We feel sorry for the people in Afghanistan who will now be forced to live under a fanatic religious regime. Women’s rights will disappear, just like in other religious fanatic countries. Politics and religion should never be mixed -nowhere.

We will look at the pictures on TV, and we will debate over and over what had gone wrong. People will flee from Afghanistan and we will slam the door in their faces. “You are not welcome here!” we will say, “Go home.” We don’t make much sense either.

President Biden was right to stop the war in Afghanistan, yet the chaos it created could have been avoided. Or perhaps it wasn’t avoidable, because the Afghans just let everything happen at lightning speed.

Afghanistan latest news: Five killed at Kabul airport as desperate Afghans  scramble to escape

The New York Times wrote: Tragic because the American dream of being the “indispensable nation” in shaping a world where the values of civil rights, women’s empowerment and religious tolerance rule proved to be just that: a dream.

So true, perhaps now we can make sure that we make this dream come true in our own country!

The Afghan people who helped Americans and our Allies, working as translators or drivers, should be allowed to come to our countries on a work visa. No questions asked. Thank you for your service! Be safe! Don’t leave them behind.

The Afghan war is lost, it was lost right from the start. If the Afghans don’t fight for their country, why should we or anybody else?

The sheer speed of the collapse of the Afghan government vindicates President Biden’s decision to leave.

There you have it, my 2 cents!

This history of Afghanistan can be found here and it’s an interesting read.

17 Photos Show Afghanistan Is One of the World's Most Gorgeous Places

10 thoughts on “So long, Afghanistan

  1. I always enjoy reading your “two cents” and you make strong, cohesive sense! I think it’s too soon for me to begin to understand the chaos part of the evacuation. The humanitarian issue is always going to be something that adds great sorrow. There is going to be a lot of revisionist history and finger pointing and if typical actions take over, the American public will generally get caught up in the politics of it all and I hope we can still remember the men and women who served and sacrificed, as well as the Afghanistan people. It may be time to leave, I’m not debating that at all, but it is sad.

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    • Honestly, I don’t think we will every fully understand and how could we? We can’t even understand our own country. 5o% of our people would be fine with a dictatorship run by D. Trump, something that would be the worst for me, would be welcomed by them.


  2. Really excellent analysis of the whole mess! I agree! The previous administration had set the date for departure of our troops to be May 2021. The ground work was there so there was plenty of time for the Taliban to plan a strategy. Leaving is the best thing! There were questions about the wisdom of going in back in 2001. This, sadly, confirms that reservation.

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