Mea Culpa! My Fault and Yours

A ten-year-old kindhearted boy, explains his actions, “Be nice to people, because not a lot of people in this world are nice.” What an unbelievably sad statement coming from a kid, and how true it is. Look at us! We are judgmental and superficial. We seem to have the right to offend, and we use it. While active on social media, many of us are hostile in real life.

Millions of people in this country are armed to their teeth ready to take a human life -no questions asked. We feel entitled and we stand our ground, even if it means our entitlement takes away someone else’s rights -perhaps even life itself. We share pictures of lunches and dinners, but not the food itself. We show our ‘good’ sites online, and numb the darkness inside us with staged reality TV shows.

I am to blame and so are you!

We were not like that. Things were different when I was a child. We voted and believed in different things but they did not defy us, our actions did. I knew there were bad guys out there, but the majority of people were good. “Don’t talk to strangers,” was a warning we all got, but we also heard, “Go and ask a stranger for help.” We were not afraid of other human beings, we were only afraid of the bad guys.

The world was ours to explore, strangers were there to become friends. Never did we think or believe that most humans were not nice.

We didn’t discuss politics much, other than a few weeks before the elections, and even then it was not that important. We had a life and we lived it. We shared the big events, the extraordinary, the saddest moments, the greatest joys, the rest of our lives was still private -as it should be.

We didn’t like all politicians, but we respected the man or woman doing the job. We didn’t belittle or make fun of people just for the fun of it. We carried the groceries for an older lady and it was not worth talking about it.

We don’t respect politicians for their work anymore, instead, we call them names and judge their lifetime-achievements strictly by party affiliation. You can’t do right, if you belong to the wrong party. We offend mercilessly, we insult without thinking.

We make fun of each other in a very hurtful way. We don’t hear each other anymore, we judge quickly by what we think we see. “Trump is good, and you are bad if you are against him.” “Biden is good, and you are bad if you are against him.” We can not possibly be that stupid, can we?

We share headlines and photos quickly with thousands of others, yet we take no responsibility if they are fake or wrong. We spread lies and the truth the same way because we don’t bother to know the difference anymore. If it sounds right it has to be.

Good deeds, like a generous tip or a donation, are now viral sensations. Fake movies make us laugh, staged realities on TV interest us more than the real life around us.

We are not nice anymore!

And I am to blame just like you are. I complain about politics, yet I never got involved.

Social media is toxic. News has become entertainment. Entertainment is now mostly staged or fake.

If a 10-year-old can see that we are not nice, why can’t we? And if we see it, why don’t we change it.

Me culpa! I am to blame and so are you!

I didn’t speak up, I let it happen. I write about once in a while, but that’s about it, then I turn around and accept life the way it is.

Me culpa! I am to blame and so are you!

We all are to blame.

The youth will inherit the world the way we leave it and I don’t envy them. We are leaving a mess behind.

I hope the young will bring in order what we messed up and may they judge us harshly because we deserve it.

Mea Culpa! I am to blame and so are you!

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