In Everything There Is Meaning

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We all are full of contradictions. We all have an immense core of strength deep within us if we believe in ourselves. The power to overcome tragedies, grief, losses, disappointments, pain, war, and physical limitations.

Many of us rise above all when we are forced to fight. May it be a fight for health, a fight for survival, or just the simple wish to find some kind of normality. A roof over our head, a car to drive, food to eat, a save place to sleep.

In times of desperate need, our wishes become rather small but very essential. Being down to earth comes naturally when you have hit rock bottom. Not much is needed to feel joy anymore.

I remember a poster on the colorful classroom wall that said “Your attitude determines your altitude.” When we lost almost everything we had, it made me remember that poster of decades ago. The idea is that its not what happens to you but how you react to the situation.

In fact in life you mostly cannot control what happens to you -some of it is a result of nature and nurture-but you have 100% full control of how react to it.

I’m not wise enough to know if everything happens for a reason or not but I have learned that in everything there is meaning. The meaning is what you interpret it to be for you. Those that do not see meaning in life are often those that think of life as either unfair or even boring.

Maybe I was given more than one life in just one lifetime? Perhaps I have nine lives in me, like a cat and I will die many small death in many forms before I actually will disappear from this earth for good?

Perhaps I was given the greatest gift of all, and I was privileged to live, learn and grow through extreme circumstances.

In the midst of losing it all, I found myself.

In my opinion, there is no one-fits-all meaning of life, instead, we all have to find our own meaning.

Having a sense of meaning and a true purpose in life is like having a compass inside. As long as every choice, big or small, points in the direction of your North Star, you will never be lost in life.

I will continue writing “Losing it all -Part 4” this week and what is next to come will not always make me look good. All is allowed in love and war, and in the fight for survival, I suppose.

Now so many years later, while looking back and writing about it for the first time, I consider myself blessed. What did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful life with so many facets?

9 thoughts on “In Everything There Is Meaning

  1. Everyone has a back story and yours has been interesting for many reasons. I look forward to learning more about both the good and the bad that made you the wise woman you are today.


  2. I think I’ve reached a stage in my personal understanding where I only know one thing for sure, and that is that much of life will just never make any sense to me. Crushing things occur in our lives that don’t make sense, feel rather random, and often very unfair. But most of the time when I look back I can see that some of what comes after the shock wears off and the loss isn’t quite as sharp, can show me that I’ve changed some through the experience, and that’s often good to see upon reflection. I know that I’m a lot more sensitive and empathetic than I once was. And maybe not quite as critical–I hope! Being humbled by defeat a few times has changed some perspective. You are certainly someone I’d see as an “overcomer” and you have a lot to share that is really encouraging to read. I’m appreciative!

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  3. “Those that do not see meaning in life are often those that think of life as either unfair or even boring.” This post is full of wisdom – I know it is the hard fought kind that comes from rising above challenges. We can make the meaning even if we don’t see any. This series is very engaging. The story and your honesty have captured my interest. I look forward to your next post. Enjoy your day!

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