Categories! Going Once, Twice…Sold

I have used the same old boring categories on my blog for many years, five years to be exact. I never thought about changing them until I started writing “Losing is all.” It didn’t fit into any of the rubrics I had used for so long, and that’s when I found out how outdated my blog and its structure really were.

Most of what I had written over last years was listed under ‘Sharing’ or was published uncategorized. I even still had the “Daily Prompts” listed, and we all know these haven’t been around for a while. I suck at updating my blog. I only changed the theme once and since I still like it, it will continue to stick around for at least five more years.

I never thought about the layout of my blog which probably means it didn’t have too much structure, to begin with.

When I thought about it, it became clearer what I wanted to accomplish. I want my blog to be about me, showcasing some things I have seen or lived through. I wrote new categories, scratched some of them, added more, deleted it all again. Finally, after a few nights of serious brainstorming, I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted!

And here they are, unsorted and inconsistent:

Award-free Blog
Quit Smoking
(Because that’s how I started out and my first post are still looked up every day)
Losing it All (Twentythree installments already! Am I writing a book?)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (Time to share some of my wisdom and some of the pain)
Health (Because it has become more valuable, and it’s an important subject)
Just Sharing (Sigh, some things will still not fit anywhere else)
Wisdom? (Yes, I put a question mark behind it because sometimes I wonder about it)
Inspirational (I hope some of what I write or share will fit here)
The World Through My Eyes (Still the fish swimming against the stream occasionally and regularly)
Life and Death (We don’t talk too much about either subject, and I find both fascinating)
Hidden Travel Gems (I have seen a lot, never as a tourist)
Austria/Italy/Germany (Because that’s where I am from -all of them)
My wonderful Life (and grateful for it)
Books & Movies (Yes, please, “More, more, more, how do you like it?”)
Poetry (Another guilty pleasure)
Upholstery and Crafts (Yes, this lady is crafty, crazy, lives out of the box, and makes a living of it)
Recipes (Cooking on a Budget – European Recipes – Healthy Recipes – RA Recipes because I love food)
Wordless Wednesday (Showing off some of the lucky shots and some oddities)

My blog is now structured. Who would have thought?


26 thoughts on “Categories! Going Once, Twice…Sold

  1. I’m impressed! You did a good job of sorting your ideas and then creating categories that will be helpful to readers, especially as new readers find you. I am sure I would benefit from the same kind of updating. We’ll see how I do on that. LOL!

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  2. Yes! Thank you! I’m going to take a look at mine too! I have Blog Posts and Pages on my website. My story Me In the Middle is on the Pages. I had paperback copies made for my family (if they choose to read it!!!)

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  3. Sounds like some very interesting categories! I always try to read your new posts in the WP app, so I’ve never really looked at the website version yet… Ever since I made mine, I chose a look I liked on the pc, created the site and then I went mobile πŸ˜‚. Might be time to look more closely at my own site. If I’ll ever be able to fund it, I’d love to make my site a paid one, getting more storage and options… 😊 Maybe, some day…

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    • I don’t have a paid blog, don’t see the sense in it. The free version is just fine. Don’t waste your money on things you don’t need. I blog since seven years, have written thousands posts and not paid a dime and they let me, because I don’t charge them for all the advertisement they put on my blog. We seem to have an understanding. πŸ™‚

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      • Ow for now, free is good. But I’m thinking of some things to add that work better with a paid version. It’s still all in my busy adhd brain, but hopefully somewhere next year, I may be able to do what I’m thinking of…
        But for basic blogging, yeah, free work well. Just gotta mind the max data, I try to use other services with links to add pictures and animations. But ever since I’ve started, I’m now at 20% of my space… Still work in busy mind in progress…

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  4. Hahah… I’ve changed my themes a few times, but, my categories sure could do with some updating! It seems it’s too easy to just add yet another category without really any careful thought.
    OK, you’ve got me thinking!
    And, by the way, well done you!!! I am enjoying your blog.

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      • I kind of tried to explain on there but I don’t want to hurt feelings, just a fresh start without so many anonymous followers. Many thanks for the follow incidentally. I like people I can talk to. Also it was time to pay for another year and I didn’t want to.

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