12 Months of Change and Purpose?

Most of my blogging friends are so much adventurous than I ever could be. What will I do in the new year to be better, to be healthier, to be more balanced? I have no clue. If I don’t watch it, I will just end up doing more of the same -again.

New Year’s resolutions are not my thing, but to be honest, every year I wish to break some of my bad habits and perhaps learn some new tricks. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a time loop, just like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.” Get up, eat, work, sleep, get up and repeat.

What are my dreams and secret wishes -and am I willing to share and brave enough to dare?

Changing myself and my routines? Perhaps, but ‘There is always time to do it later,’ seems to be my motto.

I am a list-hawk, always have been. When I write it something down, I look at it and remember. “Yep, I wanted to do that.” (So why haven’t you, go girl? Get it done.)

I came with a small list, to give my life a little more purpose in 2022, as well as to keep myself in check.

I would love to re-start reading self-published Indi books, preferably written by bloggers. I promise to not leave negative feedback or write a negative post if I might not like the book -which has happened before, that’s why I stopped reading self-published books altogether.

I want to discover songs that aren’t on the current hitlist or were recently released, but perhaps pieces from other countries, or long-forgotten singers.

I want to laugh every day for ten minutes when I drink my morning smoothie. Youtube, here I come!

I hope I will be able to help strangers within my limits -preferably incognito. (Help does not always require money, sometimes it requires something more valuable than money…time!)

I want to try new things I always wanted to do. I noticed that I have a tendency to kick the can down the road. I seem to think there is enough time left to do whatever I want to do, which is, as we all know, not necessarily a given. I bought a Chinese-Brush-Painting kit at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Now I wonder if the paint will still be usable. Do it! Do it! Do it!

New recipes, one each month -all within my health restrictions. Yummy!

I have to let go of things I don’t use anymore, even though it might sting a bit. This is tough, I know my Roman Clay Cooking Pot will have to go.

I want to try new routines to break bad habits –and there are plenty. I still eat in front of the computer when I am alone, which seems to be a habit I cannot break. I want to go to bed earlier, get up earlier, be more pleasing, live smarter, work out every day, not swear, not roll my eyes. Sigh…I see trouble in my forecast. Beaten by honesty and bad routines -again?

I hope to find time to sew new dog beds, created with the yards of upholstery fabric remnants I drown in any way, filled solely with cotton or fiber that I take off old furniture. “Recycled dog beds.” The beds will go to a nearby no-kill animal shelter. I promised myself to do it numerous times, and I always forget. No more! I wrote it down!

I want to re-watch new (old) movies. Black and white, American movies or movies with under titles. (Hey, lady, that’s more of a treat?)

Now, since I finally have learned that there is no perfect picture, I will showcase more of the photos I took, even though some might come across as weird. What a surprise!

What can I say? I am easily entertained.

I follow so many wonderful blogs, but never really share them because I don’t like the re-blog feature. I will introduce you to twelve blogs I love, meaning, I will borrow part of a blog post and showcase it on my blog. So many gems will end up in archives to be never seen again. It’s a shame!

I will open up more and share more about my life, perhaps even more of me. (For Peter, I will start with the ‘rooster story).

There are some things I wish for, but I never order them, because I tell myself I don’t really need them. The lockdown, and my husband’s unexpected open-heart surgery two years ago, has shown me that it won’t be bad if I spent a little bit more on myself once in a while. So what if I want blue highlights or a Moroccan lamp? I know I won’t buy it but hey, who knows, pigs can fly right?

Twelve new months filled with projects, antiques, and old forgotten pieces. I will share and brag with more of my assignments. The good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, the modern, the conservative, and all in between, even the failures are sometimes worth being looked at.

One of the failures, not fabric-wise, even though it makes your eyes spin, but the left side is deeper than the right, which sadly was built like it and could not be fixed! The customer is happy, the uneven depth is all I see.

25 thoughts on “12 Months of Change and Purpose?

  1. I have enjoyed “watching” you grow and spread your wings over the time I have followed this blog. You deserve to treat yourself, especially after overcoming so much in your past yet still maintaining a mainly positive attitude. I have learned a lot from you and I hope you see some of that in my blogs.

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  2. Your upholstery work is genuinely a wonderful talent, Bridget! I love the pattern on the one sofa, even with the depth issue. It’s a happy piece of furniture.

    I admire the time and thought you’ve put into making some decisions about what you want to do, learn, be in this new gift of a year. It really says a lot about you, I think, that you are reaching forward at a time when we are still being admonished to hold back out of Covid-related concerns. I hope you’ll continue to share your “adventures.” You may not think you are as adventurous as some, but I think given all of your life experiences thus far, you’ve lived quite enough high-level activity! πŸ™‚

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    • Another one of your comments that doesn’t who my original reply. Like I can remember now what I wrote two days ago. πŸ™‚
      I seem to think I have all the time in the world and then, at New Year or perhaps already around Christmas, I find myself wondering where the year went and have not much to show for. Work, sleep, eat, repeat -not necessarily in that order. πŸ™‚

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  3. These are good goals for 2022! (or for any year for that matter) I like the trying to help strangers one a lot. Plus the getting rid of stuff you don’t use one…though I am really bad at that. I hope you are able to do all these things in 2022!

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  4. This is a wonderful list. It does sound very daunting though. So many good things! I like the idea of “incrementalism.” This works for me whether it’s money, weight, cleaning, some other big job. For example, right now I am a bit overwhelmed creating my dollhouse kitchen. So, my goal is to do one small task on it every day. I’m making progress. Another example, if a counter or dresser top gets loaded with “stuff”, I put away one thing each day. Your “one new recipe a month” sounds like a version of this. I didn’t see getting your book published. Perhaps that is in 2023?

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  5. Well done on compiling such a positive list. There have been far too many let-downs and lockdowns since the start of the pandemic with the inevitable disappointments that I have resolved to make my motto for the year to be one step at a time πŸ™‚

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    • I work at/from home and the lockdown has made me busier. The last two years I got too busy in my own little bubble and forget everything around me. The recent unexpected death of someone close to me, has reminded me of the fact that I need to stop kicking the can down the road. Why not do some of the things now?

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  6. I love this list and may take some of your ideas. I do like the couch fabric but the uneven cushions would drive me mad πŸ˜€ Treat yourself to the things you want my friend- it is good for the soul as is purging the things we don’t use..I speak from experience! I look forward to you sharing how your list goes. ❀

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