Surrounded by Ghosts

My dog is gone, yet he is still here
watching me cry, making me smile.

He joined the other ghosts
and there are many -and more to come.

Mourning and grieving, laughing sometimes
remembering him young and old -just yesterday.

Love never dies, it stays with us
a comforting thought, nothing is ever lost.

Quiet for the first two weeks,
now I feel like talking and sharing.

Emotions so fragile, mood all over the place
One minute up, the next down again.

Last night we laughed, told stories
about all of them, who we have lost.

Our four-legged friends are part of us
imprinted in our hearts, cherished forever.

36 thoughts on “Surrounded by Ghosts

  1. i have followed your blog and thank you for it. I feel as if, with you, I have been on a very
    interesting and emotional journey at times. Thank you.

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  2. As my oldest cat approaches 10 years old I start to think of how much longer we have left… she is much less active of late and sleeps much of the day away. This was a very touching poem.


  3. There is just no other way to get to the other side of this particularly poignant grief than to live through it, with tears and smiles sometimes in the same space. The emptiness our canine friends leave behind is almost crushing for a while, but I love the way you’ve put in words that your special partner is still nearby. Our Zena is 14 and slowing. Every day as we trip over her (she doesn’t see well) or do the dance of “in and out, in and out” the door, we love on her and remind ourselves that the time will come, and we are going to be a mess. Thanks for your beautiful words, Bridget. They are a tribute every dog lover really understands.

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    • “Every day as we trip over her…” I know what you mean. He was resting everywhere and in no hurry to move, constantly under my feet or standing right behind me. I always feared to fall over him. Thank you for reading my little poem.


  4. Yes, our four-legged friends are like our children … forever making us laugh or cry … forever in our hearts. God bless you with happy memories. That’s an Angel pup visiting you … not a ghost at all!!

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    • Thank you, Anne.
      BTW I was thinking about you last night. I am not sure if you have ever heard of Trevor Noah. He is a night show host here in the U.S. He was raised in South Africa and he has written a book, called “Born a crime” which I found very interesting and also very entertaining. I listened to it as an audiobook, since he is the narrator. I think you might like it.


    • She will let you know when it’s time, they all do. We just have to make sure we don’t overlook the signs. We start to talk about him and the tears don’t flow so easy anymore. So many memories to share, so much laughter. He was a comedian, a goofy dog. He deserves our laughter, as he deserved our tears.

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