Let it Go

I just spent virtually 1 minute and 38 seconds in a bomb shelter in Ukraine. Tears are running down my cheeks listening to the song from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’.

I am feeling pride for a country I was allowed to visit so many years ago. What a beautiful moment!

Sing, little girl, and bring joy to the people in the moment of despair and hardship.

Bravo! (Браво)

23 thoughts on “Let it Go

  1. How a person can watch this and not be moved to tears is hard to imagine. Such beauty in the midst of war. Will go without extras just to donate what I can. Thanks Bridget for sharing this!


  2. No words! Bless this child! As to giving and donating to Ukraine, there are so many ways! I am fascinated with the creativity of some people. I was recently told that there is an organized effort to “rent” VRBO listings, and obviously no one travels, but the money goes directly to the Ukrainian property owner. I simply thought that was innovative. Both large and very small donations to established relief agencies help us feel a little less helpless. This little girls touched my already grieving heart. Thank you, Bridget.

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    • I am giving to an organization who provides plane, train and bus tickets to the Ukraine refugees, so they can reach other destinations, like Spain, Italy, Canada…wherever they are welcomed.
      The little girl made me enter a bomb shelter for the first time and I am glad I did.


  3. I saw a bit of it on the news, could mot watch. I am turning the TV off a lot now, I am not coping well. I can’t imagine (or maybe it’s that I CAN imagine) how terrifying this is. On the radio yesterday the played the last piece of FIddler on the Roof, the song they are singing as they leave their town with what they can carry. “What are we leaving? A little bit of this, a little bit of that…” This is all so wrong,

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    • Why could you not watch it? It’s a beautiful little girl bringing a few moments of joy to the people around her. They apploud her, and so should we. I am with you on the news. Local news bore me senseless and would ultimately smaller my horizon, most America news is sensationalism these days and we get negativity by the truckload. The war in the Ukraine is real. Us being safe..that’s real. Don’t turn everything off.


        • I don’t know, I have never met anybody like you before, so I am a bit lost for words. I understand the urge for happiness and peace, but I wonder if you lose compassion and empathy if you shield yourself from reality. Life is no fairytale, but it has magic moments. The little girl singing in a bomb shelter, bringing joy to the people there, was one for me.


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