COVID took February away!

February came and went, and I didn’t do much. Quietly, I gave myself permission to be useless. COVID the II. came- lingered and knocked me out for four weeks.

All my plans and deadlines flew out of the window. I kissed them goodbye, called all my customers and students, who all but one were very understanding. My 12-months of Change and Purpose for February will show that I had hardly any purpose.

I would love to re-start reading self-published Indi books

I couldn’t concentrate on the written word and listen to audiobooks instead. My favorite was surprisingly Matthew McConaughey’s memoir “Green Lights.” Brilliantly narrated, cleverly written, a real treat to listen to. He was an exchange student like me and went for one year to Australia. The way he writes about it is hilarious, his commitment admirable.

I want to (re)discover songs that aren’t on the current hitlist

I listened to classic music, quiet piano music, mostly Chopin. I had a massive headache for weeks. Classic music is my comfort zone.

I want to laugh every day for ten minutes when I drink my morning smoothie. 

It has become a nice routine. Even when I had a headache, I tried to smile for a few minutes, even dared to laugh hard. My favorite, of course, is a dog movie.

I hope I will be able to help strangers within my limits -preferably incognito. (Help does not always require money, sometimes it requires something more valuable than money…time!)

Yes, very little, but it helped.

I want to try new things I always wanted to do.

Does sitting still count?

New recipes, one each month -all within my health restrictions. Yummy!

With Tahini Dressing.

I tried a Roasted Cauliflower Salad and loved it. It made its way into my private cookbook.

I have to let go of things I don’t use anymore, even though it might sting a bit. 

Every day I took five pieces and put them in one of the boxes I made for “Donations”, “Garage sale” and “Thrash.” Progress!

My husband is so far cooperating, nothing has disappeared.

I want to try new routines to break bad habits –and there are plenty.

I haven’t eaten in front of my computer much, not by choice, though.

I hope to find time to sew new dog beds, created with the yards of upholstery fabric remnants

Another “No”…sigh!

I want to re-watch new (old) movies. Black and white, American movies or movies with under titles. (Hey, lady, that’s more of a treat?)

I binge-watched M*A*S*H, I needed easy entertainment -lots of it.

Now, since I finally have learned that there is no perfect picture, I will showcase more of the photos I took, even though some might come across as weird. What a surprise!

The light at the end of the tunnel. I saw it!

I follow so many wonderful blogs, but never really share them because I don’t like the re-blog feature. 

My late blog share for February is: Rupali, and her blog Mazeepuran (Be Original)

Unusual photographs, as well as great thoughts and poetry. Just like me, she also does not write in her mother tongue, which could be one of the many reasons I felt a connection.

Part of her “About introduction:

I started this blog almost 3 years ago. The crude idea was to pen down my thoughts in my mother tongue “marathi”. Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language and is the official language of the state Maharashtra (Mumbai/Bombay is the capital) in India.

It was a big step for me to express my thoughts in public as I am not a writer and never had such a dream. Moreover I wanted to do it in my mother tongue, strange but I have never learned it in school as I was born and brought up in another state. It was an experiment and I wanted to try this new journey of “blogging”.

I will open up more and share more about my life, perhaps even more of me. (For Peter, I will start with the ‘rooster story).

Did I tell a story about myself in February other than “Losing it all?” I can’t remember.

There are some things I wish for, but I never order them, because I tell myself I don’t really need them.

It just wasn’t important enough. I bought a ton of supplements.

Twelve new months filled with projects, antiques, and old forgotten pieces.

I finished only twelve dining room chairs and they almost killed me. Sadly, nothing to brag about.

I finally tested negative three days in a row. I am back to my goofy, silly, sarcastic, annoying, humble self.

March, here I come!

13 thoughts on “COVID took February away!

  1. I saw a comment today to the effect of you be you or you do you. I’ll say that to you because I enjoy it so much, the good and the bad, the funny and the sad.

    You might appreciate (at least I hope you will) one of my mantras: “Sometimes good enough is OK” or “Sometimes OK is good enough”. It is actually a quote but I can’t remember the word order which is an example of how I apply the sentiment to my own life.

    Glad you’re back on your feet and I believe you kept writing throughout for which I am most appreciative.

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  2. I am glad to know you’re feeling better as March is underway, Bridget. I have heard so many people describe how long it takes to reclaim your life post-Covid. I’m just glad you’re okay! Be gentle with yourself. I need simple tv shows and quiet classical music and sitting…and I didn’t have Covid. Sometimes we just need to let our bodies tell us what we need, and I’m glad you’ve been listening! Now, reclaim your creative self! 🙂

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    • I can’t believe how much it knocks me off my feet each and every time. It’s definitely different from any flu I ever had and I hope it will leave me alone.
      I learned to listen to my body, what other choice do I have? It’s loud! 🙂


  3. Hope you have a good March. Even though you said you didn’t do much in February, it sounds like a lot to me! P.S. I have requested “Green Lights” from the library. Enjoy the day!


  4. Glad to see you back to your goofy, silly, sarcastic, annoying, humble self Bridget, and thank you for the dog laugh! We too have been trying (and mostly succeeding) to clear out lots of “stuff” that has been unused for so long. We actually have some empty drawers now!

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