The Goodness, we don’t hear about

As of today, 143,895 families and individuals have offered to take Ukraine refugees in, all together they have 327,844 beds available. All of them are private citizens mainly from Germany but also from neighboring countries, willing and eager to open their homes to Ukrainian (and Russian) refugees without hesitation.

The webpage (Unterkunft=Accomodation) was quickly up and running and the word spread, people can translate the content into English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. When governments move slowly, private citizens often move fast. How remarkable human beings can be. While our daily news is full of negativity, and they focus on the Russian-Ukraine war only, I feel it’s our job to share the glimpse of warmth, hope, compassion, and love as well.

I find this so impressive, I had to share it. Also, I can’t help but think about all the other refugees in the world.

When we watched TV last night I couldn’t focus. I wondered, would we take in refugees?

I took the remote and stopped the program. My husband, annoyed by the break, looked at me, I could see the question mark in his eyes.

I told him about the webpage and the number of beds that had been made available to the Ukrainian refugees. I asked him if we would open our home if that would be an option here as well.

The answer came quickly. “We would have to move your sewing station in the middle room, perhaps could even make room in the attic.” I don’t ever use the middle room anyway, so no problem.

He didn’t hesitate. “They would have to know we have a dog,” he added and handed our Patches another treat.

As so often, I was proud of my husband.

Of course, we would take someone in, after all, as many of you know, we had a friend who took us in when we needed help.

Why can’t we?

Other organizations in Europe right now, use private money donations to buy a plane, train, or bus tickets, so the refugees can safely travel to their new destination -may it be in Spain, Canada, Austria, or any country that welcomes them.

Again! Why can’t we do the same?

Skip the bureaucracy, let us act, please!

7 thoughts on “The Goodness, we don’t hear about

  1. An inspiring web site for sure. I could rearrange some things and get one or two people in here, but not being in the path they are fleeing I need to find other ways to help. I just can’t possibly imagine going through that kind of loss.


  2. I hope everyone who feels empathy for the current suffering finds at least one way to open their purse along with opening their hearts. There are many ways to ease suffering. I do wonder what opportunities might open for refugees to settle here in our country. We’d actually have to cooperate, but maybe we can change in light of this humanitarian disaster. I love your husband’s openness. He has a very big heart, as do you, Bridget!

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