I Deserve Better!

I was listening to the hearing, or should we name it THE GRILLING of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the same thought came to my mind over and over. “We deserve better!”

Please, don’t judge me too harshly, there is nothing wrong with Mrs. Ketanji Brown Jackson, other than that she happens to be a woman and, which seems to make matters worse, also a Havard graduate. She is a well-educated woman who might become the first black woman to be called to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court.

I listened to Senator Graham and Cruz, the two Republicans who were clearly showing how much they disapprove of her as a human being. All her achievements didn’t matter when she was confronted by the harsh questioning of two white angry men, who have no style, no class, and clearly, no manners, or perhaps they have manners but prefer to only show them on special occasions, like when there is a white man sitting in front of them. And there were others.

I am a woman, and I deserve better!

I deserve senators and house members who treat everybody according to the Constitution of the United States -equal. I don’ care if it’s a hearing of a Republican nominee or a Democratic nominee. It doesn’t matter to me if the candidate is white or black, young or old, female or male.

I deserve to listen to a hearing and not feel ashamed by the way a public servant is treated.

I deserve to see every woman being treated with respect.

To be honest, I didn’t know Ketanji Brown Jackson before she got nominated. I had to read up on her and what I learned convinced me she actually might have gotten the nomination, not just because of her gender and the color of her skin, but also because of her qualification.

Still, I wanted to hear more and hoped for a hearing that would help me get to know the judge better.

When they interrupted her again, I looked up and saw Senator Graham shouting and screaming while Mrs. Jackson still answered all his questions with the same professional and calm demeanor, even though their tone was more than insulting.

Interrupting someone when they speak is a form of disrespect I dislike very much!

I deserve better!

I am a woman and I demand all women be treated equally to men -no matter where. I haven’t stopped dreaming that one day, perhaps in my lifetime this might actually happen.

If I feel ashamed of how these two Senators (and other Senators) treated this lady (yes lady) doesn’t every woman feel the same way I do?

We deserve better!

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing shed light on the child pornography law. Listening to her made me understand, how she explained it was intelligent.

“In comes the internet,” Judge Jackson said Wednesday, “with one click an individual can receive or distribute tens of thousands of images. You can be doing this for 15 minutes and you’re looking at 30, 40, 50 years in prison.”

“Yes, they deserve to be 50 years in prison,” Graham shouted, which clearly means he was not listening, or he is not capable of understanding.

It made me think. How often have I opened a pornographic website by accident since the internet exists? Countless times, until I finally learned NOT to click on every attachment and to NOT open everything that seems harmless at first glance.

I collect bras, tampons, and feminine hygiene products for a charity organization called I Support the Girls. Their website www.isupportthegirls.org is well known to me, still, one night, while typing and asking for donations on our neighborhood board I send all the people to http://www.isupportthegirls.com (mixed up .org with .com) which was a website offering and promoting porn. Thankfully, the mistake was quickly noticed and someone was nice enough to notify me and fix it for me. Gratefully, the other website was taken down shortly after.

It was an accident, a simple typo that could have brought me in trouble.

Back to Ketanji Brown Jackson. Was Judge Brown’s sentencing too lenient all the time as they made it sound during the hearing?

I didn’t like the idea she might have been too merciful to sex offenders and needed to find out the truth on my own, because surely that was not what Cruz or Graham had in mind.

  • In most cases, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s sentences were below the guidelines and below the prosecutors’ recommendations …but Jackson’s approach to sentencing in child pornography cases did not differ significantly from that of other judges, data shows. A federal study found that in more than two-thirds of these cases, judges issue sentences below federal guidelines.
  • For cases that included both possession of child pornography and attemped or actual sexual abuse of a minor, Jackson generally agreed with prosecutors’ recommendations.
  • In addition to sentencing people to prison, Jackson’s decisions included long periods of supervised release, generally for 10 years after serving time, and in one case for 20 years.

I had read enough. On day #2 of the hearing, I admired Judge Jackson for her ability to stay calm while faced with so much rudeness and obvious lies.

Do you know who else I admire? Mrs. Jackson’s husband. Mine would have gotten up and sucker-punched Cruz and Graham if they would have treated me like this.

Ok wishful sentence but it sounded good.

Nobody will ask about my opinion. In the end what I think -or we think- won’t matter, but just in case it does, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has my respect and if I could vote, she would have my vote and I don’t belong on either side!

Written by a stubbornly, optimistic woman who truly wishes for equality for all -everywhere!

Because we all deserve better!

30 thoughts on “I Deserve Better!

  1. It may have been the wrong decision, but I didn’t watch it because I knew it would be one side against the other with lots of anger, and from the updates I saw on the news I was right. I am so sick of the bickering back and forth. I remember days when BOTH parties would work together for the people, but I guess we just don’t matter that much anymore.


  2. So very well said Bridget. I cannot watch when these Senators are spouting their vile and horrible abuse, and quite often they claim what they do is in the name of God. I would say to both of them, In the name of God – Go! What thoroughly nasty men they are.

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  3. Josh Hawley is from my state, and I won’t be voting for him. Dan and I decided that well before this hearing. I do believe Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed and will make a fine Supreme Court judge. Unfortunately, it seems this practice of rude discord is not limited to party or gender. Perhaps we need to turn off the questioner’s microphone during the time when a response is given. In the case of debates, turn off the microphone of the person’s whose turn it is not. I do have to say it does bother me that her sentences being less than the prosecutor’s recommendations are in line with all the other judges. Why are they ALL less than the recommendation? Just because everybody does something doesn’t make it right.

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    • Turning off the microphones is a good idea. How much quieter debates would be. I fear many wouldn’t like it. Rudeness seems to entertain nicely these days. I read deep into the child pornography law and different states have sentencing recommendation that were written before the internet came along, which means they don’t make a difference between ‘looking’ and possessing or acting on it. I am not a lawyer or a judge, but I do believe that many of our older sentencing laws are too harsh. We, the USA, have the most incarcerated people of all countries, many are sitting in prison for misdemeanors or because they can’t afford a lawyer.

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      • I agree many of our sentences are too harsh for misdemeanors. But when it comes to crimes related to children, I don’t lean that way. When I watch debates, I want to hear the answers. All the theatrics frustrate me.

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        • after reading the court documents in two cases brought up by Cruz and Graham, it was in the record that only 2 sites were actually opened. That makes two instances of an actual “crime” being committed. She wisely, IMO, decided that unopened emails do not constitute owning porn and dismissed those from the sentencing. I’d hate to be convicted for something I didn’t actually do, and can not condemn her or any other judge for following the guidelines.

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          • I happen to agree with her. I have a business with a public email address, you won’t believe the spam emails, phishing emails and porn emails I get on a daily base. Reading some of the case files was quite an eyeopener.

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  4. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is more than qualified and even those bigots know it. But as long as there are those who support them and allow them air time like this, the disgusted stomach churning on most of us women will continue.
    Those bigots have women on their side. I am sure. All that needs to change. We live in the latest century, for goodness sake.
    What this is doing is making women stand firmer behind something they already know: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the fittest.
    I’m not American but this affects me just as much because I am a woman.
    Those representatives with small hearts- in fact, all representatives who speak for their communities, should be put to the same grilling for the positions they hold. They most certainly should.
    I’m ashamed to see them acting this way. We, all of us women deserve better.
    This judge is way above their human calibers and I believe she’ll be the one to bring about change. Oh, yes. Amen.
    (But what a huge burden— I send her healing graces and fortitude)

    Thanks for writing this. I bless you.

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  5. Very thoughtful analysis, Bridget, and I am in awe of her qualifications and her temerity without arrogance. How she has withstood the barrage of inanity is beyond me. I am just appalled at the line of questioning, but anyone entering the public sphere today has to know the climate. I sometimes wonder why they’d even want to serve!

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    • I am in awe of her qualification as well and truly admire her capability to not lower herself to their level. Why do they serve? Good question. I think it’s all about power, it goes to their head and then it all gets compromised.

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  6. I like her very much. I think people should rise up and make sure the two idiots (well, there were more than 2 of them) don’t get reelected. What makes them think they can act like that with anyone, much less on live TV and there be no consequences. Whoever runs against Cruz and Graham will get my $ donations, and I don’t even live in their states.

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