I want to take your hand and tell you it all will be alright. No worries, he will come back to you and you won’t be alone. And if you stay alone, please know we won’t care. Please stop worrying, the child you just started carrying might be severely disabled, but it will still be able to breathe -with the help of machines.

Stop crying little girl, your life doesn’t come to an end because of one special night, or does it? Perhaps I exaggerated a bit, your life won’t come to an end, but it will alter the rest of your life. There is a price to pay, and sacrifices to be made. You made love, pay up! Let him be happy, he is a man. It’s a man’s world and we only have ONE role in it. We have forgotten, have been too rebellious, now it’s time to show us who rules.

Dear woman! You already have five children, a sixth won’t matter, and if you really die while giving birth, because you are too old or not healthy, look at the bright side, there are enough little ones in your home who can help raise the new family member.

Laws being forced on all, without exceptions or empathy, are like a bad fishing net in the hands of a crooked fisherman. It catches a lot of fishes, but many will fall through the holes, and many will be tangled up and hurt -even die.


We send soldiers to die in war.
We execute people, even if we don’t know for sure if they are guilty.
God(s) asked for human sacrifices in all holy books -written by men. Are the God(s) not pro-life?
We are allowed to kill when we feel threatened.
In many states, you are now allowed to carry deadly weapons openly and use them.
Sometimes we increase painkillers for the dying to end their life quicker and less painfully.

In other words, we see ending life as permissible in many situations.

Not everybody lives happily ever after, and not all pregnancies end up well. I simply do not see how forcing women to take a fetus to term will make our society a better place. I myself am an abortion that didn’t happen. Happiness was not in my forecast, childhood was rough, and I got almost killed by my own mother. She was forced to have me, hated me for it, and showed it openly. My life got easier by sheer luck. Not everybody is that lucky!

We have 7.9 billion people in the world and our population is still increasing. If we put our energy into taking care of the children that are born instead of telling women what is best for them, I believe the world would be in a better place.

If we better educated young girls and boys about how to avoid pregnancy, and make birth control more effective and accessible we would have fewer abortions.

Push me into a corner, and I will try to break free. Tell me what I cannot do, and I will find a way.

Nobody wants an abortion, we want all want the same, yet we are not listening to each other. Punishment instead of solutions?

The reality of overturning Roe v. Wade will simply be to force more women who cannot afford to travel for an abortion, to have children they do not want or do not have the means to properly take care of. It will not make us a better country.

Religious beliefs of a few, forced on all! That’s not a democracy, that’s a dictatorship. Religious dictatorship?

We separate migrant children from their families. Why are we not pro-life then?
And if we are pro-life, why don’t we open our borders wide and take in in the hungry and the ones who run fearing for their lives?
So many children go to bed hungry and are only being fed at school by programs the same people who say they are pro-life want to cut in so many states. Families live in cars and tents, and children are thrown into a foster system that often causes them harm.

Single moms are living in poverty because pro-life does not mean equal wages. They barely survive and have no way out with a child on their back. Their kids, if not gifted to get a scholarship, won’t be able to go to college, because pro-live does not mean equal opportunity.

We have seen parents selling their children during the great depression. Have we not learned?
A ten-year prison sentence for nurses and doctors who help a woman end a pregnancy while rapists often walk free, their victims forced into LABOR against their will. That’s pro-life? Who’s life, the rapists?

Women becoming breeders. Get married ladies, have babies, skip college, don’t get a career, stay in the kitchen by the stove, that’s where we need you. Why does it sound so familiar?

A nation against woman, in the name of a God!
Religious extremism!

I don’t want abortions to happen either! I am glad the numbers have been going down for years. Educating was -and always will be -the right way.

And once again, here I am writing an opinionated piece fully knowing that it’s against the blogging rules and accepting the fact that it will cost me some readers and I will miss them, but now it’s not the time to be quiet. Is there ever?

Sorry, I can’t help it! I am me!

32 thoughts on “Pro-Life

  1. My husband and I were both unwanted children. The moms let it out on you, if they want to or not. These kids have a much harder start to life.
    How can old men decide over women’s bodies? It is backwards and a means to keep women low. You made a mistake? Go suffer lady.
    I’m afraid this will lead to many illegal abortions. These put women under great health risks (Dirty Dancing, anyone?)
    While it is really not a fun topic, I saw a meme the other day. It was a bunch of women yelling at one man, that masturbation was not pro-life and should be illegal …


  2. It is incredible to me that people cannot see the inconsistencies in our thinking. There is little awareness of the “unintended” consequences the are sure to follow. I will never understand, that’s certain.


  3. As a free-nation society, we cannot prevent anyone from bearing children, including those who insist upon procreating regardless of their inability to raise children in a psychologically functional/healthy manner. We can, however, educate all young people for the most important job ever, even those high-schoolers who plan to remain childless.

    If nothing else, such curriculum could offer students an idea/clue as to whether they’re emotionally suited for the immense responsibility and strains of parenthood. But simply mindlessly ‘minding our own business’ often proves humanly devastating.

    As for abortion services, along with critical health services and long-term-care residences, abortions should never be a for-profit, let alone for BIG profit, medical procedure. But it seems there’s nothing sufficiently sacred to our governments to be made totally-off-limits to corporate interests.

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    • You can only educate who wants to be educated. The way it is right now, the education is unwanted by parents, religious groups and one political party, who interest is to keep people poor and in the long run uneducated, which can only be achieved if you keep families very large.

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      • When I asked a teachers federation official (in 2017, over the phone) whether there is any such curriculum taught in any of B.C.’s school districts, he immediately replied there is not. When I asked the reason for its absence and whether it may be due to the subject matter being too controversial, he replied with a simple “Yes”. This strongly suggests there are philosophical thus political obstacles to teaching students such crucial life skills as nourishingly parenting one’s child’s developing mind.

        We humans can be a stubborn species, especially when it comes to the schooling of our own young ones. Still, for me it’s difficult to understand why teaching child-development science would be considered more controversial (and therefore unacceptable) than, as a good example, teaching students Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum, the latter which is currently taught in public schools in my province.

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  4. My son is autistic and despite that I wouldn’t have missed one moment of raising that boy. His mother bailed early on in the piece as she “hadn’t signed on for this shit” so it has been me and him forever. The thought of him being aborted as a foetus is a thing beyond me. We only get to play the cards we are dealt and not the ones we want. My life has been tougher than it needed to be but also more rewarding and I wouldn’t have missed a minute, except for nappy changes of course.

    You raise so many good points on a delicate and controversial subject. Nothing is clear cut in this debate. Sure there are good reasons for abortion, but there should not be a free for all either.

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    • I am glad you found your purpose and very happy that your son had a good upbringing.
      There are stories like yours, and then there are stories like mine and stories of heartbreak and cruelty.
      A woman’s right to choose should never be touched, it’s up to the individual to decide what she can bear -and how her life should be. It’s not up to us or society, because if it would be, then we all would be just Handmaiden’s aka breeders.
      You were spot on when you said “nothing is clear cut” in this debate.

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      • Indeed nothing is clear cut. Yet the overwhelming push is those with the loudest voice and not one that accepts the reality of human fragility in that we have no choice but to play the hand we have been dealt in life.

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    • I — one who greatly struggles with a formidable combination of autism spectrum disorder, high sensitivity and adverse childhood experience trauma, with the latter in large part being due to my ASD and high sensitivity — would like to see child-development science curriculum implemented for secondary high school students, which would include neurodiversity, albeit not overly complicated. …

      When around their neurotypical peers, people with ASD typically feel compelled to “camouflage” or “mask”, terms used to describe their attempts at appearing to naturally fit in when around their neurotypical peers, an effort known to cause their already high anxiety and/or depression levels to worsen. And, of course, this exacerbation is reflected in the disproportionately high rate of suicide among ASD people.

      If nothing else, such child-development science curriculum would offer students an idea/clue as to whether they’re emotionally/mentally compatible with the immense responsibility and strains of parenthood.

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      • It is a minefield, and more so now than when I was a kid which makes no sense given the ‘tolerance’ of modern society.

        Suicide is a problem as being constantly out of step with the rest of the world is difficult. Difficult even when you have half a century of experience navigating the world you live in as I have.

        Your last paragraph is not entirely correct as parenthood is a learning process rather than an ability to be able to do it. For ‘high functioners’ it is nothing more than another thing to be learnt and then do. Oddly enough, like virtually every single parent ever.

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  6. You live in such a strange country. I seriously don’t understand how this can be such a divided issue in a country that is so anti-life in the many ways you listed.

    I feel that those that compare abortion to murder completely miss the point, and I can only hope they show the amount of compassion they show for unborn fetuses to the people in their neighborhoods, their cities, their country.

    Dumb question here: How’s this against blog rules?

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