Where Did May Go?

It seems the universe will never stop interfering with my plans, and life itself doesn’t seem to take me and my goals too seriously either. My well-meant intent to use the new year for 12 months of change and purpose has now somehow become more of a monthly reminder of how many of my plans, dreams, and goals I never achieve, due to interruptions I didn’t plan on.

Life and the universe! Haven’t they learned a thing? You would think after 58 years of dealing with me, they should know by now that I can be found on the stubborn side now and then.

May I ask where May went? I know it started and I was ready to enjoy 31 days, and then before I turned around, the days were gone.

What did I do you wonder? Me too!

I would love to re-start reading self-published Indi books, preferably written by bloggers.

Well, I did order a self-published Indi book, made it to page 35, closed it, and put it straight into the donation pile. It wasn’t a genre that interested me, it all flew over my head. So no critique here other than making a mental note to order books by the subject and content, and not because I happen to like a blogger.

I want to discover songs that aren’t on the current hitlist or were recently released, but perhaps pieces from other countries, or long-forgotten singers.

I listen to many and this one is my favorite. It’s today as relevant as it has been in 1963. “When will we ever learn?”

I hope I will be able to help strangers within my limits -preferably incognito.

Still working on it. The plan is in place, now we just have to make it work. We decided to use the remaining quilting fabrics we have left from the facemasks to make scrub caps, which we intend to sell to be able to buy more fabrics, so we can make cancer head scarfs and silly cancer headdresses for children, teenagers, and adults, which we want to donate to the hospitals. At this point, we are working on the fine-tuning, trying to eliminate some of the steps I find unnecessary so we can develop our ‘routine.’ Not there yet, but close. Without me being forced to take a chemo drug myself, I would have never thought of it. So, I am glad I have to take the meds for now. It helped me think. 🙂

I want to try new things I always wanted to do. 

Nothing, I didn’t do anything new.

New recipes, one each month -all within my health restrictions. 

Yep, many. All vegan and oil-free. My favorite Avocado Mayo (aka life saver 😁)

Avocado Mayo

1 ripe avocado
½ teaspoon of sea salt
½ teaspoon of garlic powder
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 Tablespoon Dijon
a dash of black pepper
a few Tablespoons of water

I have to let go of things I don’t use anymore, even though it might sting a bit. 

We are decluttering the Japanese Way. Eye-opening, healing, mind-blowing, calming! I will write about it (but you knew that didn’t you?)

I want to try new routines to break bad habits –and there are plenty.

I am nicer when I am sarcastic, which is huge!

I want to laugh every day for ten minutes when I drink my morning smoothie. 

Sometimes it’s not a belly laugh, but rather a chuckle or a smile, which stays with me for days.

I hope to find time to sew new dog beds

Yes, I did, but only one, for a neighbor who rescued a small puppy that seems to be growing 5″ every night.

I want to re-watch new (old) movies. Black and white, American movies or movies with under titles. (Hey, lady, that’s more of a treat?)

I watched “The Flight of the Phoenix” with James Stewart, Peter Finch and the German actor Hardy Krüger, who died this year in January. I enjoyed it very much. Great movie!

I follow so many wonderful blogs, but never really share them because I don’t like the re-blog feature. I will introduce you to twelve blogs I love, meaning, I will borrow part of a blog post and showcase it on my blog. So many gems will end up in archives to be never seen again. It’s a shame!

I am a quiet follower of “Dave Astor on Literature.” Enjoyable to read, often thought-provoking sometimes even so much that I comment. 🙂

I will open up more and share more about my life, perhaps even more of me.

This year I am more open about my health journey so far and while it leaves me feeling vulnerable at times, I feel it’s the right thing to do. If it just helps one, then sharing was good for something.

May flew by quick.

The above picture shows one of the few projects I finished in May. I wasn’t too productive. I had lots of unplanned downtimes, still trying to get used to the medications and the side effects and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I actually enjoy living a vegan lifestyle.

I lost a friend because I decided to not let a new friendship go any further. I got my feelings hurt and I decided to let my emotions control my action -which I don’t allow too often. I regret my decision a little bit, miss a person I just got to know better but still convince myself it was the right thing to do. I don’t want to be a secret.

June has begun and I have high hopes.

25 thoughts on “Where Did May Go?

  1. Time flies by, huh? I always feel this way, and sometimes dwell on the missed opportunities. I should be focussed on the taken opportunities. Interesting how you feel better when sarcastic (or was that you being sarcastic…). I used to be sarcastic, almost by default. It made me feel very calm inside… When I unlearned that behavior, I started becoming more anxious. Can’t say that the correlation is causal, but you made me dig up that explanation again.

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  2. As someone who has had my conservatory plans on hold for… probably a year plus now, what happened to May indeed? Last year I said I would get the planning permissions done so we can start over summer…. it’s June ’22 now and the planning permission guys don’t even know my name!

    Your caps sound great, and very thoughtful of you on the back of what must have been a rather unpleasant time. I’ve had loved ones go through chemotherapy (only one still with us, sadly) and its humorous touches that can brighten their day, and those around them. Kudos to you for finding inspiration in your tougher moments.

    Your chair looks great too. I wish I had the patience for such a big project, I’ve been sewing little handpainted numbers to jute bags to make an advent calendar in time for Christmas – I gathered one little bag a week might just see it done? Maybe?

    Discovering new bloggers and books is always intimidating. I’ve read books from bloggers that, to be honest, I expected better from, and blog posts that bamboozled me from book authors who inspired me. I suppose that’s the fun part with reading, isn’t it? There’s always something to make you think. I can definitely make some bligger recommendations too, that’s an idea for a future post, thank you.

    I hope June goes better for you. I have plans for some landscaping in the back garden, but how that goes? That may be an entirely different story!

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    • >>>I’ve read books from bloggers that, to be honest, I expected better from, and blog posts that bamboozled me from book authors who inspired me. I suppose that’s the fun part with reading, isn’t it? <<< You nailed it.

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  3. I think it’s incredibly challenging to fit new interests into life when we are so busy with daily requirements, but that you keep reaching means you’ll get there! I think you’ve actually inspired me to think along some of the same lines, Bridget. I’ve been delving more and utilizing some of my vegan cookbooks, and I told my husband tonight that after dinner we should find an old movie to watch. I think that came from you. 🙂

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    • I had forgotten how much I like old movies. They are so much better made. Small budgets, no special effects, just a good story and great actors.
      I just bought two more vegan cookbooks myself and I fell head over heels in love with the show “Raw, vegan, not gross.”


  4. We don’t always achieve all the goals we set for ourselves, but should delight in what we do achieve. Thanks to you, Ashley Madden’s plant-based cookbook arrived yesterday (Saturday) and, hopefully, will not sit unopened on my kitchen worktable 🙂 A project like your cancer head scarfs takes time to get off the ground. The best we can do is to keep moving forward.

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  5. The important thing about May seemingly passing so quickly is because you have been busy – sometimes happily so. Time really only drags when we cannot think / be bothered about what to do. I find that while it is frustrating not to reach my goals for the month, I feel fortunate to have a number of projects – and people – needing my attention. I certainly hope your change to veganism continues to be a positive one.

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    • I am at a happy place right now, eating wise because I feel the results. My goals, while they seem silly and perhaps even unnecessary, help me to focus on some things I would easily forget or overlook.
      I hope you will have a very nice June as well.

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