Just Be

Just be who I am,
no judgment by others
without too many worries
living my life.

Hope, so often crushed
by life and reality,
I find myself wondering
if I can fulfill all my dreams.

Can I achieve what I planned,
or will I stumble and crumble
when reality will force me again
to adjust my sail to the wind?

With every passing year, I learn.
Perfection is no longer the goal
aiming for excellence
seems now more practical.

We all die, but not all of us live
keeping that in mind
makes me now bolder,
once in a while I even take risks.

Living within my means,
a bit overboard but not by much
comfortable, content, smiling,
not regretting a thing.

(The Happy Quitter 2022)

6 thoughts on “Just Be

  1. I was almost reticent to repeat one of my mantras here but sometimes good enough is OK or OK is good enough. Either way it sort of sounds like your close on this poem. IDK, maybe striving for greatness, perfection, excellence is a goal for younger folks and learning to be content and happy with whatever we can accomplish in our older years is one of those benefits of old age I like to identify.

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  2. I iike the lens with which you’re looking at your life. We all need to recalibrate our perceptions from time to time. Very nicely shared, Bridget.


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