Give Peace a Chance

Peace for me, it’s the desire to live a life free from war and free from life-threatening physical violence. In addition, peace for me also means not experiencing oppression, social inequality, and other structural violence. Living in peace means the absence of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Maybe we must question our standard of living first and take care of our environment and stop the damage we cause on a daily basis before we can achieve peace?

Is our country truly at peace, if we are afraid to be shot outside our homes? Are we peaceful, if we feel so much hate that we cannot listen to each other anymore?

Are we living peacefully if our kids are afraid to get killed in school?

I don’t know it all (far from it) but doesn’t peace requires a democratic system in which justice prevails and human rights are respected -all human rights. Lately, we all seem to solely focus on Ukraine and Russia and we seem to forget our own country, our cities, and our neighborhoods.

Peace is not just a word used to describe stability between two countries that once were at war.

In my eyes, peace is a commitment. We should not simply take peace for granted, but be critical, inform ourselves and fight for it. We need to continue to share the war experiences and the history many of our parents and grandparents lived through. We need to be understanding of the need for peace and therefore also contribute to the maintenance of peace.

Peace is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. Peace is not just stability between two countries, but also between their people.

In order to find peace, we need to come together. A fair, respectful, and diplomatic culture of dialogue enables common solutions that can also be found in the form of compromises. Our focus should be on the community, on what unites us. In this way, we get to know each other, put aside prejudices, make positive experiences and build a common trust.

In peace, we can meet our needs and uphold our dignity. Peace makes much of what is important to us possible in the first place, be it health, tolerance, or happiness. In times of peace, we can develop ourselves, unfold freely and discover ourselves. We do not need to fear strangers but can meet them in a friendly and open way. We can create a sense of togetherness that is based on deep and sustainable relationships and forms the basis for an active civil society.

In peace, we can offer our children undisturbed development and build shared capacities to address global challenges that can only be tackled together.

In peace, we can dream and live our dreams.

The greatest thrill is not to kill but to let live.”
― James Oliver Curwood, The Grizzly King

11 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance

  1. To fight for peace sounds like an oxymoron to me as fight implies the opposite of peace. IDK maybe we have to settle for or try to achieve peace starting at lower levels, like with ourself then maybe extending to our friends and family.


  2. I find peace in nature and if that beautiful sound is muffled by gun fire we will all lose. Peace is always an option every day, just too many people turn away from it in search of more. Great post Bridget!

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  3. I really appreciate the thought that went into sharing your experiences and thoughts at such a pivotal time in our history, when peace feels utterly elusive. I know that we are ultimately responsible for our own “inner peace,” but that’s more about harmony than safety, I think. It’s a challenge to be calm and at peace when we feel vulnerable, and that’s how many of us feel on a daily basis. I think one of the biggest problems is that “we,” too many of us anyway, don’t actually value peace so it’s not a goal. I find this very sad. And very frustrating.

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    • I feel scared and vulnerable. Going outside these days is dangerous. People are aggresive, hateful and scared themselves. Not a good combination. Years ago a friend of mine, who happened to be a Navy Seal, taught me how to scan a room. These days I do it everywhere. Peace seems to slip further and further away, as for my inner balance, my harmony, my inner peace? It gets rattled quite a bit.


  4. Peace starts with me. And if I need to buy a gun to ‘feel’ at peace there is something huge missing.
    Peace is the desired norm. It is achievable.
    This post is extraordinary and honest.
    Peace does start with us. May that be our constitutional right. No matter where. Only peace, please.
    Thanks Bridget. 👏


  5. Well said, Bridget. We humans seem to share the misguided belief that peace is only achieved through oppression and violence. In other words, others must suffer so that I can enjoy a peaceful, contented, and prosperous life.


    • The loser being oppressed, I think that’s often what happens if you look at countries fighting each other, but ultimately to achieve anything close to “world peace” it’s us, we have to change. The US has been downgraded to a ‘flawed democracy a while back’ a fact that is hardly known. We are playing with fire, we are all but a peaceful country.

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