Why is Jennifer Lopez in My Life

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. Why do I know that? Beats me! It looks like I don’t have a choice anymore, it’s everywhere, no escape, not even if I try -and I did. I didn’t know they were a couple before, and I wish them well, as well as they wish me well. Oh wait, they don’t know me. But I don’t know them either, so why do I care? I don’t! Oh my gosh, I am a terrible person. I don’t care about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

They look happy, good for them -great ring too. I tried so hard to stay away from celebrity gossip, but they don’t let me. I know the color of Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring. What is wrong with me? I don’t want to know that. I don’t care!

I bet if you go to your local college today and you dare to ask the kids what color the diamond of Jennifer’s engagement ring is, most of them will know. Now go and ask them about the Capital of Austria and see what happens. There will be silence, a guilty look. Maybe one or two will say Vienna, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Years ago I had a choice. only I saw the magazines at the checkout register, when reading the headlines while waiting in line. Sometimes I even picked one of the journals up, and read an article or two, because waiting in line is not my strong suit.

Times have changed, nowadays, with the internet, I get useless information fed by the truckload. Just by logging into my email account, I get bombarded with celebrity news, their break-ups, and how they made up, even their kids are famous now. I spend money on an ad-blogger but have to un-blog certain web pages, so I can be fed more unimportant information.

We adore the Royals from a different country. We cheer, we care, we worship. Why? What is it with us and the British Royals, why not follow Queen Silvia of Sweden or Queen Letizia of Spain (no, not Queen Latifah you misread). Especially the Queen Silvia of Sweden, there is a story, this a romance novel that has been lived. How the beautiful translator and hostess at the Olympic Games fell in love with a real king. How the king made her his Queen. Ok, I am biased on this one, I admit!

We focus on the Buckingham Palace in London and the tame squirrels in the park across from the castle hardly get attention. They are cute, go there the next time and meet them. I spent hours feeding them.

Why do we care so much about celebrities and their lifes? In the afternoon we tune in on the most mindless, most superficial talkshows, that have only one purpose to market new movies, new songs, and new books, to make sure we spend our hard-earned dollars on them -and we obey.

Where is this coming from?

The American obsession with celebrities is downright scary. If you are famous and people know your name, you can run for office locally or nationally anytime. That’s all it takes. A name, money, no talent needed.

Evidence indicates that poor mental health is correlated with celebrity worship. That’s alarming. Are we all losing our minds? One study found evidence to suggest that the intense-personal celebrity worship dimension was related to higher levels of depression and anxiety. 

It has a name: Celebrity worship syndrome.

We now even have evening TV shows that give us daily EXTRAS of the life of the rich and famous. It’s sickening, yet addictive if you start watching it.

Many young females are unhappy with their own bodies because they want to look like their photo-shopped idols. Young women and teenagers want to get plastic surgery, to look like a fantasy. Yes of course Oprah Winfrey eats Weight Watchers and counts her points while cooking and eating cardboard-like food. Is that because she doesn’t have enough money (or brains) to hire a nutritionist and chef? Of course, Jennifer Aniston uses the same $10 cream that we have in our bathroom cabinet, and yes, of course, most celebrities color their hair with store-bought products. Good grief! Give me a break! We can’t possibly be that dumb, yet we are!

This level of our admiration is linked to a celebrity’s ability to capture the attention of their fans. Entertainment-social celebrity worship is used to describe a relatively low level of obsession. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. We are supposed to follow and we do. Many then end up trying to showcase their own lives just like it. The good only! We want to be perfect, we need the LIKES, the FOLLOWERS to feel loved, to feel important, to feel included.

Are we obsessed with celebrities?

We follow a family on TV. Reality TV we call it, even so, it’s all but real. We are getting entertained when we watch the problems of others- even if they are made up. Does it make us feel better? Are we really that superficial?

Dr. Oz for senate, Donald Trump for President. Who is next? Ellen? Lady Gaga? Schwarzenegger? Oh wait, he already run and became the governor of California.

How can we possibly be happy with your own life if we endlessly admire and yearn for life and lifestyle that are out of reach for most of us? It takes time to watch all the TV shows. Time to sit around and snack. Celebrity obsession and obesity go hand in hand.

Starkult can seriously endanger health. According to a study, around a third of people are more or less deeply involved in the lives of THEIR stars. In many cases, however, such worship turns into an addiction, according to a psychological study reported in the current issue of the science magazine “New Scientist”.

We idolize, we worship, we adore, and admire! We are jealous and wish for more!

This contradicts the popular belief that there are only two categories of harmless worship and obsession. In fact, the boundaries are fluid. There is a danger that the admirers will become increasingly dependent on their idols. Instagram, TicToc, Twitter, talk shows, late night shows, all have only one purpose. To keep the celebrities in contact with us, their admirers. Around 20 percent of people asked said they adored their idol for social reasons and amusement. The next degree of affection is characterized by an “intensely personal” bond. The fans believed in a deeper connection with the adored. The worship already passes into dependency.

According to a study, about ten percent of the test subjects belonged to this group. In the worst case, it could lead to personality disorders. Occasionally, disappointment or impromptu behavior breaks out in acts of violence, as in the assassination attempt on former US President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The perpetrator John Hinckley stated as a motive for his act was to attract the attention of the actress Jodie Foster, whom he admires. He was considered mentally confused at the time of the crime.

Imagine that. Most Americans know the names of the British Royals, yet they don’t know the name of their congressman (or woman).

The way I look at it, I have only a certain amount of time to work on myself and learn each day. A certain amount of time to get (stay) healthy, a certain amount of time to widen my horizon, laugh hard, do some good, and enjoy life to the fullest. Why waste it!

I take an interest in people, and in talented artists. I love accomplishments, literature, and science. I hope being interested in life, music, art, literature and a good film is not the same as being a celebrity junkie. To a point, I even care about celebrities. I care about them the same way I care about all people. Be well, stay out of my business, don’t bother me and I won’t trouble you. Let me be, and I let you be. Be happy and healthy, be fed and cleaned. Have a bit of a brain and use it once in a while. Be good, do good, and don’t mention it!

So I wish Jennifer Lopez and her fiancee Ben Affleck well. Have a happy life together and in case it doesn’t work out, make sure I don’t read about it!

30 thoughts on “Why is Jennifer Lopez in My Life

  1. Nailed It!! Add Johnny and Amber (you couldn’t get away from it) Yikes, I didn’t know any of the people in the photo. Can I quote you on this: ‘Dr. Oz for senate, Donald Trump for President. Who is next? Ellen? Lady Gaga? Schwarzenegger? Oh wait, he already run and became the governor of California.’ Scary times.

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more about the constant barrage of celebrity reports that cry for attention. I might not take a second look, but photos with headlines and the airwaves continuously keep us “informed” about the latest celebrity story and we don’t have the luxury of “un-seeing” something. As a Los Angeles County resident even our local news gives a ridiculous amount of attention to the Hollywood reports. But I’d also say that because of where I live I see celebrities all the time in their “every day” walks of life, and most are just trying to go about their business with as little attention as possible. I think many celebrities are a bit fearful of the public’s “adoration” and feel vulnerable. I truly wonder what is missing in people who are more interested in the fluff stories or celebrity scandals than as you mention, knowing our local, state and federal representatives!

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  3. Proud to say I think the might be a Kardashian in the line up of women in your photo but I am not sure. Celebrity gossip must not be included in my algorithm. Thank goodness.


  4. I’m busily enjoying my own life… Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who? Why… and Who cares?
    I do believe I may be getting a little jaded regarding celebs the older I get.. It’s all so cyclical. Round and round and round we go… lol

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  5. Just yesterday we were talking about how social media has changed our society. The media houses rule the thinking process of the masses and the way it is helping politicians to divert the attention of people from the important to interesting.

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    • I think the younger generation is more obsessed, we, the older ones live happily under a rock and don’t know Taylor Swift for Selena Gomez (these are the two I could identify) until someone points them out for us. As for the Kardashian’s, I hope lightening strikes me if I ever get to ‘know’ them.

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      • I don’t know. I don’t like to paint with a broad brush. I have three grown kids and a bonus son. I wouldn’t say any of them are obsessed. Nor are their partners – to my knowledge. My one son isn’t even on Facebook. Never has been. I do think there are some as your post describes. These are people who, for one reason or another, do not think independently or critically. I also think we have impressions about the world from the media, and these impressions are meant to be dramatic – and, as you say, to sell things. So, I would bet there are many who couldn’t give a rat’s *ss about celebrities, but we just don’t hear about those folks. Just my two cents worth – but no charge for you. 🙂

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        • I appreciate the two cents worth for free. 🙂

          I honestly think they internet, social media and our dramatically negative news are going to break us eventually. It doesn’t look like we are snapping out of it, it gets worse and worse.

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