The Running Slippers

The other day a shoe ran by me -it had a puppy attached. The sliding glass door was open, it all happened so quickly. Still trying to wake up, I wasn’t fast enough, or perhaps I took my time, after all, it wasn’t my shoe.

A couple of minutes later, my husband hobbled downstairs, one foot barefoot, a slipper on the other. I couldn’t help but laugh because it was funny. “Vader” our new puppy doesn’t destroy what he finds or steels -and there is a lot- he just transports everything he can find to the outside, to reverse his actions a few hours later, when everything gets hauled back inside.

I am a bit sleep-deprived. The nights are shorter. ‘Vader’ our puppy wakes up between 2-3 am, signaling that his bladder is full. His crate is downstairs. I am upstairs, sleeping with one eye open -like so many women I am programmed to hear everything, even when I am asleep.

The last six weeks were very eventful and full of laughter. Our new puppy came into our home when we were not ready to take another dog in, yet we did it anyway. Now, looking back, I am so glad we did. I wish I could thank the person who abandoned him, he or she is missing out. Their loss is our gain.

Our older dog has the time of her life. Overnight, she became a dog sibling again, a mom, a companion, a caregiver, and a teacher all at once. She doesn’t like it when her ‘baby’ gets scolded, but she knows it has to be. She gives him a last glance like she is saying “You are on your own buddy,” then she lets me do my job and leaves the room.

“Two peas in a pod”

There is so much to learn. The other day when I pointed to one of his toys and took another NO NO out of his mouth, he sighed again, and gave me a puzzled look. How many no-nos are there?

He imitates our older dog and learns from Patches the right and wrongs, which is helpful. Watching them play together makes me smile every day. They give us so much joy. Can we ever repay them? Patches, our older dog, is tired at night. She has stopped mourning, there is no time left and finally I could shampoo the living room carpet. She had stopped rubbing her face at the spot where our Norman stretched out at night. I miss him. We all do, but now the missing got easier.

Another ‘Step Dog” spying on me, just like his big sister.

What we thought was a paint stain on his nose is actually another scar. When he got hurt and the fur grew back, it grew back white. I find it charming! We think he is beautiful. We wouldn’t want him any other way. The white scar, which some might call a flaw, makes him perfect in our eyes. A special mark for a very special puppy.

He is smart and very independent. He is like the little child that wants to learn all on his own. “I can do it. I don’t need help. Don’t hold my hand.”

“I don’t know how the cotton ended up in my mouth. It just flew in.”

I put him on his leash, thought I show him how to climb the stairs, but he refused to move. When I unleashed him, he started climbing, one step at a time, always looking back making sure I was still there -just in case. He made it upstairs after a while, and my husband followed. Looking downstairs scared him a bit. There was a bit of whining, lots of cheering from us, and with the help of treats which were placed on every step, he slowly hopped all the way down to the first step where I was waiting. We got rewarded with kisses.

He is in my workroom during the day. He sleeps in his playpen for hours, and now even goes in there when it’s open. As long as he can see me or one of us, he is happy.

“Puppy Jail?”

Interestingly enough, his playpen works both ways. First, it protected the dog, and later it shielded my supplies and an old office chair. Genius!

Ta-dah. It works both ways! (Bridget, wear your glasses, please)

He loves to learn and understand it all. “Mr. Vader” as I call him, is ‘Mr. Independent’ which makes me smile. I am the same way and don’t blame him a bit.

I point to the crate and show him a Beggin strip, I hand him the treat and he goes NIGHTY NIGHT like a big boy.

The XL crate is waiting upstairs.

He learned how to ‘shake his pawpaw, he can ‘sit’ and know what ‘down’ means. So far, we are not very successful with the command Stay. Leave it and Drop It goes hand in hand with the NO NO lessons. We are working on it as well. The perfect dogs are not born, we raise them with lots of love and gentle guidance.

We didn’t think we would get another puppy, and we both consider him a very special gift. Every morning, when he finally comes into the bedroom and someone -who should know better- lifts him up a bit, so he can climb onto the bed where a warm and fluffy blanket awaits him, my heart overflows with joy. Only shining puppy eyes and warm sloppy puppy kisses can make you feel that special.

So, I apologize, I have been away from my keyboard a lot for the last six weeks, and I haven’t read or blogged as much as I wanted to, and I apologize because I didn’t comment on your posts the way I normally do. Sometimes our lives get busy and the wonderful, messy reality around us becomes our primary focus for a while, which is good.

Our house is a mess, our yard has a few unplanned holes, and dog bones and squeaky toys can be found everywhere -we wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are enough cold, sleepless nights in the forecast. Enough time to read, write, laugh, and cry with all of you. Soon he will be a big boy. They grow up so fast!

18 thoughts on “The Running Slippers

  1. Four legged children and two legged children have a lot of things in common! One or both of mine, of the latter variety, used to tell us adults, when they were small children “I do it!” I think both varieties age in similar ways, too!

    I totally understand how all this child-rearing can upend a well-established or well-intended schedule. I’m also glad I haven’t missed too much once you got back to posting. Looks like WP may have knocked you off blogs I follow, AGAIN!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A puppy brings so much joy to the house. There is nothing more likely to make a person smile than the greeting of a happy playful dog in the mornings. I am not surprised your older dog has a new lease of life. It is so sad when they grieve but like humans, they feel emotions and loss.
    I love your playpen idea of protecting your chair! I wish we had used that same strategy. Such a cutie and the disturbance of sleep is so worth it.


  3. What a joy to read about Vader and Patches being so good together. And he sure has naughty things to do, puppy’s can make you laugh so much while doing them. Thank you for sharing your puppy (and Patches) stories with us. 😊


      • Never stop sharing the awesome stories of Patches and Vader please! 🐾 They’re so adorable!
        And yes they do grow so quickly. 😊 I remember Arwen growing like crazy and me wishing she could stay smoll just another day or two longer.

        Liked by 1 person

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