Please, remember!

. . .

The neighbor whose kids wave at your every morning

The nurse who takes care of your parents

The grocery clerk, who helps you find what you need

The young woman who puts food out for the stray animals

The elderly couple who give out their favorite candy for Halloween

The student who helps the older man across the street

The truck driver who honks the horn to make your kids smile

The policeman who gives shoes to the homeless man

The firemen who open the firestation when it’s cold

The couple who runs a soup kitchen

The lady who tips so generously

The trash collector who helps you roll the trashcan out

The rescue workers who spent hours helping animals

The owner of your favorite restaurant who knows your name

The butcher who gives you a special cut for your dog

The teacher who tutors for free

The doctor who helps the ones without insurance

The clown who makes sick children laugh

The Lawyer who works pro bono

The family who stops the car to help a turtle arcoss the street

The neighbor who shovels your snow


they might not vote for the same party or have your political affiliation.

Remind yourself

they will still be the same, doing the same.

See them for what they are and what they do

These are the things we have to focus on. If we want to make the word truly a better place, it starts with us

Every day, countless kindess acts are being done by so many

Don’t forget and I know it can be hard

Don’t judge them for their vote, judge them for their acts.

. . .

26 thoughts on “Please, remember!

  1. This is so special, Bridget, even though I think it ought to be something we consider all the time, But in today’s current climate many of us have lost sight of this truth. I think this is a very important way to think about others. Thank you!

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    • Thank you, Derrick. Here in the US, we are just a couple of days away from the mid-term election (something I will never understand) and our political mud fight is in full swing. Watching how we treat each other, is so inhumane, so heartless. Seeing how divided we have become, it’s heartbreaking, mind-boggling, and simply downright frightening.

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  2. Sometimes I am surprised to find out a kind and caring person votes the opposite of me. But we have much more in common than we sometimes realize. Thank you for this much needed perspective!

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