Shots fired

Tears flowing

Shock and Anger

Guns in the wrong hands


Innocent people dead

Laughter killed

Thoughts and prayers

Minutes of Silence


Families mourning

Cards and flowers


The second amendment abused


Anger and hate

Spread by some

Love and care

Practiced by others


Hoping that things will change

I wrote this poem in 2016, after the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.  Now six years later I sit in front of my screen and feel as sad, hopeless, and frustrated as I did back then.

Nothing has changed! Will it ever?

38 thoughts on “Again

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    • Six years is a long time. So much could have been changed for the better, yet here we are again. Everything got so much worse. The hatred, now so often openly displayed. Politicians and wanna-be politicians pouring oil in a fire that’s already burning high. I don’t get it.


  2. Thank you so much for your touching poem…the repetition of again, like the repeated violence, pounds on the recurring and needlessness of it….and also, like a beating heart, beats out the pain. Powerful and moving. Jo

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  3. Thank you for posting this- the words, the photos. I watched Anderson Cooper this morning break down on TV as he recited the names of those lost- so unimaginable this world we live in, such evil. I can only pray good will prevail somehow

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