Unsung Heroes

Sometimes I write from the heart. Today it’s a spontaneous feeling of deep gratitude toward other fellow human beings, the ones we call unsung heroes, the ones I call SILENT HEROES. It takes a very special mood to give this feeling so much space in me to write about it. A tidal wave, but a good one, which repeatedly in the end also forces me into action.

It’s a warm tidal wave full of emotions, full of gratitude, and full of confidence, which is by no means my view of the world we live in today. Wars, brutality, lies, pain and suffering, crimes without end. There is no need to list it any further, everyone knows it. That’s the world we live in it but many -too many- don’t just read about it, but actually experience it, which is the harder step after the mere knowledge of it.

So often when all seems hopeless, then I meet fellow human beings who not only do not let all this get them down but somehow manage to ignore it in a way that is almost divine -and healing at the same time. They have the ability to do and act as if this world and the people in it were a kind place to be, and it is in those moments when they do good.

Their actions are not based on any religion or gods, there are no awards other than perhaps appreciation from individuals. The unsung heroes are not looking for fame or recognition, they don’t get reimbursed and if they do, they didn’t ask for it. They don’t share what they do on social media they prefer to stay anonymous. What they do comes from the heart!

They are silent heroes, most barely noticed, accepted by society as if they were the most normal thing in the world. They show consideration, forbearance, and foresight to alleviate misery. They are not out for honors but act because it’s in their eyes the right thing to do -the only thing to do.

They do it on the streets, in wars, in homes, in nature, for the children, the disabled, the elderly, and the ones in need. They do it worldwide and amaze the rest of the world.

But is the rest of the world amazed for long? Usually not. Every now and then a glance is taken at this indispensable group of people, and every now and then there is a report about it in a local newspaper -or, if potent and visible enough, perhaps even an article in the global newspapers and magazines. A side note, a small report, then forgotten again! Doing good does not make headlines, only bad news is good news. The good doesn’t entertain enough.

But the unsung heroes don’t mind. They continue to do what they have to do. Before, after, somehow always. They never give up and somehow it seems there are always new and more good people available. Astonishing!

Recently I saw a post about a dog hospice. Hmm. I thought. Canine. Hospice? Then I read further, and met drooling, limping, blind, festering, terminally ill dogs and cats that nobody wanted anymore. Nobody cared about them. How unattractive they are? There is no need for them in our society. The lady who touchingly takes care of these creatures does not care that the others, the previous owners, didn’t care. It is enough for her that she can help -under difficult conditions and with far too few benefits. Just one example of countless others.

A woman in my neighborhood collects socks every fall, so the homeless get a new pair. Dry and warm socks are a luxury for so many. Not having a pair of socks in the wintertime, is something I cannot even begin to imagine. Collecting socks! Such a little gesture at first glance, but what a big impact it has.

I know a couple who I thought had too many dogs, turns out they only have one or two at a time. The dogs (and cats) never stay long, they are old and were adopted by them so they won’t die alone in a shelter. “How do you manage to say goodbye to so many in such a short amount of time?” I wanted to know and when I looked at their faces I got my answer. Knowing the poor creatures don’t die forgotten in a shelter, but feel loved at a place they can call home, makes it all worth it. Some stay for one or two years, others only for a few weeks or months. Admiration is not a big enough word, actually, I am lost for words.

The old couple, who takes care of the neighborhood girl every afternoon, making her lunch because they know the single mom can’t afford it. They never take the money the mom wants to pay, even though they could use it. “She needs it more.”

Why do they do it?

Time to donate at least some money if you don’t feel called to this kind of task! Maybe even offering some volunteer work?

Or perhaps just take a minute and quietly thank these unsung heroes who make our life so much better.

We need to take the SILENT HEROES seriously! All those who breathe hope and confidence into the flood of misery through the flood of their active love and their actions!


26 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes

  1. A wonderful tribute to those who want no attention… for the most part they are the quiet ones doing so much but for them it is just what is right. A very moving reminder of those who help selflessly.

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  2. I’m so touched by what you share here, Bridget. You are special in your own way for highlighting the unsung heroes; you inspire us to think about the opportunities that are in our individual spheres challenging us to join those wonderfully compassionate ranks. I know a few myself, and I’m sure if we could all share together we’d name hundreds if not thousands of people filling extraordinarily important gaps in our troubled society, and with little or no recognition. But you inspire me to be more proactive in at least saying thank you. Your examples are wonderful!

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    • I have been on the receiving end, not by choice. How could I ever forget or overlook the unsung heroes. You are right, there is an army of them out there, we just don’t mention them enough.
      Doing good, no matter how small we think it is, is addictive.

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  3. A heartfelt, beautifully penned post, Bridget!
    I agree with you. The beauty of a giver is that they do it our of the goodness of their heart, “The unsung heroes are not looking for fame or recognition, they don’t get reimbursed and if they do, they didn’t ask for it. They don’t share what they do on social media they prefer to stay anonymous. What they do comes from the heart!”
    My Papa (a kind and generous soul) used to tell us, daughters, “Give in a way that even your left hand won’t know what your right hand has given.”
    Best wishes.

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  4. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. I cannot imagine taking an old dog to a shelter, but I know from experience they can be a lot of work and financially expensive to take care of. God bless these quiet heroes.

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  5. A wonderful post Bridget. Thank you. We can all do something to make the world a little better. It doesn’t need to cost any money, just a little time. Befriending, doing the shopping for someone, just sitting and talking with a lonely person, helping to keep community gardens neat and tidy. There are many opportunities for everyone, and it will make you feel better yourself!

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