Do You Know Where I Went Last Night?

Yesterday I had an affair, today I am back at my desk, trying to relax! Trying to shake my irritation off. What a week?

Both of my sewing machines, the commercial and the ‘normal’ one decided to act up. One beyond repair, “SHE is too old.” That’s the verdict. The other one I could replace, and I ordered the one I had my eye on for a while.

The commercial sewing machine that is beyond repair is my lifeline, the foundation of my creations. What am I going to do without a commercial sewing machine?

But, here I am, not giving up, still standing, still kicking.


Do you know where I was last night?

I was hunting with Levin in the fields of Yasyana Polyana, Russia. I could feel the cold morning air and the dew under my feet.
I was worried about my farm and cattle, and the old Russian kopecks I owed to various people.

I was having an affair with Vronsky, feeling passion and regret. Waiting for my lover to come back from a party, worried whether he was with some other woman.

I checked myself in the mirror to see whether my beauty was intact.

Then I committed suicide by jumping in front of a train due to my insecurity.

I had been reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy again and for about an hour, I forgot that I was juggling so many problems all at once.

Maybe I will never visit the fields of Russia again and I am certain I will never have an extramarital affair, and I am not planning on leaving this planet by suicide.

But for an hour, I felt all of it. I was there. Not with them. I was them.

There was no sewing machine. No credit line, no interest rate, no declined bank loan.

Yes, in Russia THEY treated me like garbage too, but it was different.

Now I am back to my life! My garbage!


I think tonight I am going to open another book and I will travel to a different country.

Anywhere, preferably at a time before sewing machines were invented, or maybe this time, I will be wealthy, and all my problems will go away until I close my eyes!

Soon my darling, I am going to make it happen! Not sure how, but we will meet!


40 thoughts on “Do You Know Where I Went Last Night?

  1. I don’t know how it will happen, but I’d bet on your successful acquisition of a commercial machine before long. You have demonstrated time and again a resourcefulness that is truly inspiring. And while waiting, I think escaping in the joys of a good novel is a high ideal. I do it often! πŸ™‚

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    • I am working on it. I have done my homework, have done the math and I think I will make it happen. These was a year of ‘kaput’ for us. It seems like everything we own went either bye-bye and had to be replaced. Or repaired, and we paid labor and parts.
      It does not come in threes, it seems to come in a row πŸ™‚


  2. What a beauty! I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine. If it works without fussing, I love it, otherwise….
    Books are a wonderful way of travelling someone in your mind. Transporting to another realm and more adventures. Have fun!

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  3. While reading blog posts and catching up on comments, I’m also going back and forth between two familiar fantasy/scifi movies (LOTR and Star Wars) and marveling at the memories you prompted. One memory is using one of the last foot pedal sewing machines in 8th grade Home Ec class. The other is recalling how reading a novel can pull us in so much deeper than the TV or computer screen. Maybe I’ll turn in early and read. πŸ™‚

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  4. It’s great when a book can take us into a world where our problems are forgotten, if just for a few hours. Here’s my wish that you find a way to obtain a commercial sewing machine. My son, who works in home repairs and renovations, has recently purchased used high-end equipment in excellent condition through Facebook’s marketplace.

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    • I love Marketplace, but buying a commercial machine there is tricky. I need one that fulfills all my requirements (leather, foam, widths, decorative stitching etc) and it needs to work. That’s the biggest problem. I am not in New York or Los Angeles, but in the outskirts of Columbus Ohio. We have sewing machine repair shops but not for commercial machines. So either you know someone, who knows someone… or you are pretty screwed. My repair guy is getting older (and blinder) by the day, so it’s just a question of time until he will not be longer physically able to work with this heavy machines. Sending it in, is costly, because of the freight costs, so the only solution is a commercial (like the Fabricator in the picture) where you can repair and maintain everything and you have a place where you can order the parts -as well as find guidance and support and the ‘how to.’

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  5. Gosh, it is a long time since I last read Anna Karenina ! My dreams often incorporate aspects of what I have been reading about too. I wish you well with replacing your commercial machine. Sometimes needs must and we have to take the plunge.

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    • I take movies and book into my dream world and seem to ‘digest’ what I read or saw. Like you, sometimes years later. It’s fascinating how the brain works, isn’t it?
      As for my machine, they broke in the wrong order. If the commercial would have broken first, I wouldn’t have ordered and fully paid for a fancy, expensive residential machine.

      Thank you! Somehow, not sure yet how, I will make it work.

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    • LOL you know me well. I know the wizard, who is at my service at any time, yet he can’t do his magic without the parts and since I bought my first commercial machine already used, we are out of luck. Also, it’s a German vintage machine which has been discontinued a while back. I tried finding the parts in Germany and in Japan -no luck. Then there comes a point when you look at the amount you will have to spend to fix and outdated vintage machine and you come to the conclusion that it might not be worth it.
      So I am going to order me a new sewing machine soon. I will make it happen, not sure how, but I will find a way.
      Financing it is an option, but because of our “losing it all” history I am offered 30% interest rates and I am not willing to play that game.
      What’s really hilarious or sad is that my house bank told me they can’t give me a loan because I am not asking for too much. First I thought the make fun of me, but no, they meant it. What an eyeopener.

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