Sometimes You Just Don’t Fit In

Not fitting in, is not always a bad thing.
Sometimes we have to be true to ourselves.
Sometimes we just aren’t in the mood.

Sometimes we feel not just weird, but outside.
Separated from others close by, like on a different planet.
Not just unique, but very different.

We try, and we want to, but just don’t fit in.
And if we pretend, what do we gain?

Trying to fit in, is exhausting.
So be true to yourself, it sets you free.

Take a stand, be still, and let the world see you had enough.
No more pretending, no more fake laughter.
No more ‘You have to’ when it doesn’t matter.

Is stubbornness always bad?

Sometimes we just don’t fit in, or we have a bad day
and we have to accept it.

Don’t force us!
Don’t make us!

Let us be who we are!
Let me be me!


30 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Don’t Fit In

    • As you know, I don’t have children and I was wondering how I would react if my daughter at that age would show that much character and personality. I hope I would be proud of her and I assume I would be grinning inside thinking, yep, that’s my girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Love this post, Bridget!
    I agree, “No more pretending, no more fake laughter.
    No more โ€˜You have toโ€™ when it doesnโ€™t matter.
    Let me be me.”
    Beautifully said.
    Best wishes.


  2. “Let me be me!” this is the bottom line. I have grown more comfortable in my skin as I have grown older because I have often swum upstream instead of down. I don’t mind that anymore, but have also mellowed A LOT!

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    • “Being comfortable in your own skin” I think that’s that’s the magic we learn when we get older.
      I watched the little girl refuse to dance, and was wondering if THEY made her be a part of it, against her will to begin with.
      If so, she showed them!

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  3. Loved this post! And it was just what I needed to read today. I had one of those ‘don’t fit in’ moments, so I’m glad that you spelled it out for me: ‘sometimes we just don’t fit in’. And that’s okay. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Bridget, the “I don’t fit in lady” ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have given up trying to fit in. It took a while (decades of trying) to understand that sometimes I just don’t fit it and there nothing wrong with me or the others. Sometimes we are just at the wrong time, at the wrong place, or perhaps that day we are with the wrong people.
      I am glad you like the post and I your comment made my day.

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      • The ‘I don’t fit in lady’… This is a title I am aspiring to! I’m well on my way, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice, but am, perhaps, not quite as accomplished in the art of not fitting in as yourself. Been following your blog for a while and I enjoy your posts a lot. So, thanks, Bridget, for not fitting in and for making not fitting in something that sounds phenomenally attractive from my point of view!

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        • Hey, don’t go after my title ๐Ÿ™‚

          We live at a time, where so many are scared of everything that’s different. Fear of the unknown has a lot to do with the hatred we see -and read about. Being different is not a bad thing. We are not wind-up soldiers, even so many of us act like we are.
          The more I look at smiling faces and perfect families online, the more I realize how much pretending we practice on a daily base. I don’t want to do it. I do not want to fit in.

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