The World Seems Unhinged

Down with a cold, but not COVID, I seem to start the New Year the same way I did last year, coughing my head off, but that’s not true. Last year in January there was peace in my mind, then in February Russia invaded Ukraine. Last year I could afford chicken, and now it’s almost a luxury item.

Christmas came and went, like every year. But it felt somehow completely different this year. The carefree Christmas days of past years are over.

A war in Europe is so far away yet it affects us all. Soldiers and civilians are dying in a senseless and equally cruel war. The destruction caused by this war is hard to comprehend in our minds.

Not only the fate of the attacked country and its people make us speechless, but the war has long since reached us. How and when it will end, nobody knows.

War and energy crisis

Hardly anyone would have expected this. We were used to peace for many decades. The few civil wars we heard of in the news, were nothing new, and we successfully ignored most of them. And now we suddenly have to save energy because gas, oil, and electricity are becoming scarce and expensive. That, too, is new. Gone are the days of pleasantly warm houses and parlors. Dress warmly! That’s the motto.

But that’s not all. Rents, food, everyday life par excellence –everything has become more expensive, almost unaffordable for more and more people. And many wonder whether they will be able to afford life at all in the future. A rapid improvement is not to be expected.

Health care system on the verge of collapse

We were also shocked by the news from the health sector. Doctors, nurses, and hospital beds are missing. And now medicines are also becoming a scarce commodity. We had expected to have survived Corona and to be able to live a bit more carefree again.

Many are afraid of the question of who will and can care for us in old age and illness.

Who will take care of me if I can no longer do it myself? A shortage of skilled workers, also in care, leads to worries and doubts.

In almost all industries and companies, the fear of immense cost increases is increasing. Who is going to pay for all this? And everywhere there is a lack of employees and specialists who are desperately needed. I can’t find a new helper for the life of me, and if I find one, I can’t afford to pay what they ask for.

Climate catastrophe without a second option?

Then there is the environmental problem. CO2 emissions continue to rise, as does species extinction. We continue to destroy our livelihoods almost unchecked. The resources that the earth offers us are used up after only half a year. To a certain extent, we are overexploiting. There is no second Earth to which we could escape. Bad natural events, as they used to be rare in this country, are also becoming a cruel normality.

We don't have a second planet.Image: pixabay

In many countries around the world, civil wars and tribal feuds prevail, and human rights and civil liberties are massively threatened. The consequences are persecution, hardship, misery, hunger, disease, and death. For millions of people, the only option is to flee. But where to?

And in this country? The economy constantly suggests to us that without constant growth, prosperity and well-being would be at risk. We fight -against each other. We hate, we divide. Hardly anyone can escape this. We want to go back to the moon, maybe even to Mars, but we can’t solve the problems on Earth.

Too little lightness for the New Year

The world seems to be unhinged. Our Christmas and New Year as we know and love, have received a huge dampener. The lightheartedness, the fun, and the joy of bygone times are gone. The fear is about how we can still live in the future. This fear does not stop at our children and grandchildren.

Is there any chance of escaping this spiral of hopelessness and fear?

More humanity, more togetherness - that is what we need. Image: pixabay

For more togetherness

Yes, there are. But there is no cure-all for this. Everyone has to look at their own nose first -whether big or small. Less greed, less selfishness, less envy, and resentment, but more forbearance and consideration, more justice, more respect for others, more modesty, more togetherness, more humanity.

We cannot end war and hardship. But we can all contribute to making this world more livable and human again. This New Year offers a good opportunity to get started. For all of us.

With this in mind, Happy New Year.


19 thoughts on “The World Seems Unhinged

  1. Hope you are feeling better- I was out 3 days last weeks, too many coughers in school and flu going around. The world is in a sorry state- and the weather.. 64 degrees in January today!


  2. To the point! While little can compare with what is being experienced in Ukraine at the moment, we are living in a crumbling country driven to ruin by greed, corruption and mismanagement. We all need to be more self-sufficient, more caring, and to do the best we can under the circumstances. I wish you a more positive year and that you will soon be feeling yourself.


  3. I can certainly agree with you that the world does seem to be unhinged. And there are so many reasons to feel empty and fearful. It was interesting for me, though, that “CBS Sunday Morning’s” Christmas Day broadcast featured segments on people, organizations, individuals and communities quietly doing “good” things, both small and large scale. And the entire show had the “crawl” underneath listing hundreds of example of good things happening. It was uplifting and certainly tailor-made to a Christmas Day “feel good” episode. But it worked! I have thought about it over and over again. I do think it is harder and more difficult all the time to keep our positivity alive! But I can hope that this poor world can experience some healing in 2023. Happy New Year, dear Bridget.

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  4. Bridget, I share your sentiments about the year just ended 😦 I agree that a better world depends upon the actions of each one of us. Sending best wishes for recovering from your cold and in finding a business assistant ❤


  5. The fundamental model is wrong for this planet, Bridget. It is modelled on the planet being here for the use and abuse of man. It is not. We are dependent on it. The planet’s resources upon which we depend are finite. We need to find a different sustainable way of living that is compatible with the planet instead of funding research into moving on to others.
    I agree everyone should be invested in making this world more liveable again. Why wouldn’t you be?

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  6. Happy New Year to you too Bridget. We are of like mind, and there must be many millions of others who feel the same. Sadly it is always the minority who have obscene amounts of power and influence to pursue their own aims with little, or no, regard for the majority. Until, we can curb those excesses I fear the world is going to continue in a downward spiral. However, we will continue to do the best we can, as every little helps!

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  7. Less greed, less selfishness, less envy, and resentment, but more forbearance and consideration, more justice, more respect for others, more modesty, more togetherness, more humanity. Let’s hope 2023 can bring about a better tomorrow 🙏. Happy New Year 🥳 KL 💗

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  8. I’m sorry about your cold. I hope you feel better. I agree with you, the world does look at the grim at the moment. I felt it, too, though I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Now that you’ve mentioned, that was it. Food prices are sky high, so it’s utilities and many other things. I do pray for relief soon but for now, I think patience is the key as well as try to avoid the news. I hope you have a happy new year. 😊

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