Spare Me

A 38-year-old born Prince decided to wash the royal dirty laundry in a book. While officially turning his back on the royals in Great Britain, he most certainly gets the royal treatment -as demanded- everywhere he goes and he is cashing in on his fame, his position, and royalties nicely.

Most of us say we will never read his book, yet somehow it will become a bestseller overnight in the UK, in America, and worldwide. Just like Twilight, Harry Potter, and 50 Shades of Gray.

We will buy and read the book because we are curious. Is the royal happy family just an act or perhaps run like a business?

We want to know why his older brother beat him and why a grown man whines about it now. We want to know if we still are allowed to not like his wife, or if it will make us automatically racists. And most importantly, we would like to get the name of the people who have managed to keep the angry prince out of the limelight for 36 years. He was such a sweet boy, or wasn’t he?

Born with a silver spoon up his royal behind, he was always just the ‘spare’ king, behind his father (then Prince Charles) and his older brother Prince Wilhelm, who dared to have children of his own when he got married to Kate, which threw Prince Spare further down the ladder in the race for the kingdom.

Oh, how brutal it must be to be pushed back. Perhaps now he will understand how Princess Anne must have felt, who was originally second in line until her brother Prince Charles dared to marry his first wife Princess Diane and they had heirs of their own.

I try to ignore celebrity news because I just don’t have time to worry about the lives of the rich and wealthy when there so many of us average people are suffering and can hardly make ends meet.

But no matter how hard I try, I cannot escape the headlines. Without ever reading an article, I know now about the beating by his older brother, a nazi costume and so many more unimportant details about the Prince’s life.

To be honest, I think any time you come across someone who is never at fault -for anything- a red flag should come up in your head. Harry and Meghan are never guilty of any wrongdoings. The Nazi costume the adult Prince Harry wore? Of course, it was William and Kate’s fault. Apparently, the fact Prince Harry was an adult who was capable to kill 23, 24, or 25 people in a war like they were chess pieces (also a headline) doesn’t matter.

Drugs and excessive alcohol? His mother’s death and his awful family.

So many people have lost a parent and they do not waste away their lives, simply because they can’t. There are people out there who are forced to grow up alone, have nobody to fall back on, and manage to live a respectful, happy life without the use of alcohol or drugs. They also work hard and make a living for themself.

The honest truth is, many of us are part -or become part- of a family we like to call a bit dysfunctional at times, and we say it with as much love -and tolerance- as we can. We live with their shortcomings -our own and others’- the wrongdoings by us -and others- the bullying, the tears, and the humiliation. We grow up and either become just like them, or we grow up and raise above and declare victory. We all have choices to make!

“Spare”, is Prince Harry’s revenge tour on his Royal family. Interview after interview, book tours, and more interviews. I want to scream Enough is enough -but I am afraid there won’t be an end in sight, not until they milked the cow dry.

There are always two sides to every coin, two sides to every story. What if one side is quiet, while the other is talking, writing, and finger-pointing -cashing in?

I do wonder, perhaps in twenty years, people will stand in line for the books the children of Harry and Meghan will write. The story of their dysfunctional mom and dad, who kept them away from their grandfather and their cousins. How they suffered when they were forced to leave their home and home country! How humiliated they felt when their mom and dad talked so badly about their family. Another royal disaster in the making?

How will they sound: Our mother didn’t like our aunt! We were never allowed to know our mother’s family either, all we had for a family was a photo of a dead grandmother who our parents talked to like a ghost.

When you think you have read it all, maybe you haven’t!

Oh, it’s not going to spare me, is it?


34 thoughts on “Spare Me

  1. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Adam Neumann, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Armie Hammer, Scott Disick, Brett Kavanaugh, Andrew Cuomo, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Ben Domenech,


    • I started my blog in 2014, three months after I quit. I wrote about quitting for about a year and wasawarded for being a “Quit Smoking Blog” three years in a row (on my about page). Then I changed the subjects.


  2. We all put on a different face, depending on where we are. If the royal family is dysfunctional – if – because we have only Harry and his wife’s word for it – then they are no different to the rest of us. Except that they’re cashing in on their story. I haven’t watched the Netflix doco, but saw some of the trailer. i have to ask who set up and staged Megan curled up in a corner, with a stressed expression on her face. That stinks of a nicely crafted and edited unreality tv.

    Harry wearing that Nazi uniform and not owning it is bad enough, but he must have forgotten that his great grandmother refused to leave London, her people and her husband during the war.that man is a weasel.

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    • I watched the first Netflix interview and there was a lot of misinformation in it. Not giving Harry’s and Meghan’s kids the titles of princess or prince had nothing to do with racism. It has always been a privilege for the children of the firstborn. For example, Prinz Willian and Prince Harry, while Princess Ann’s children didn’t get the title.
      In the interview, they said racism was the reason their children were denied titles, which was a well placed lie. With that they lost me.


  3. $100 million to criticize the royal family. Much more for the book, interviews et. al. But discard your royal titles since, as you point out, royalty is so dysfunctional? No way. Why else would anyone be interested in us?

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  4. I really enjoyed reading your response, Bridget. It is interesting to me how polarizing “all things Windsor” have become. I am very sympathetic to Harry and Meghan and personally find many of their claims easy to believe. I do wish they had not made everything so public, however. Not because I don’t believe them, but because it isn’t going to either change anything or help. Basically it’s a long standing family problem, and those always make me feel sad. I won’t be buying the book…but the library? Perhaps!

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    • My favorite royals are the Swedish, I also like Letizia of Spain, but sadly the American press only writes about the British Royals, even though the others have great stories too.
      As for Meghan and Harry, if their intention was to change things, they did all wrong and in the end, it might backfire.


  5. I have zero interest to find out why he or they feel the way they do or what happened or anything else. All I see is hypocrisy – leave us alone we want to be normal VS watch my Netflix series and buy my book.

    I have more important things to fret over than these two or the UK monarchy. Ugh.


  6. I actually feel sorry for them. Aside from the royal spoon, and having a spoilt upbringing, here is a young couple with a strong female who advocates for women’s rights, who tried to stand up and speak up, facing up against the misogynist, snooty, tradition obsessed Royal ‘firm,’ with all its problems. I see a couple trying hard to cope and unsure of their way forward. For anyone who wants to take that on the royal establishment and reform it, I say good luck. It broke Margaret, Diana, Fergy and would have broken Meghan had they not chosen to leave. Sounds like they were hoping to get rid of Meghan too as she reminded the establishment of the divorcee who brought down a former king, Wallis Simpson. I won’t read the book either but I can imagine Harry wants to speak out and tell his side of the story as they feel to this point it had not been fully explained. In doing so, he will invariably go overboard on some points. How can he have a grounded perspective, growi g up in that whacko family. And Harry needs to produce income to pay for life, and their security guards from somewhere, I guess now he gave up his second-rate job as a spare prince??

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  7. ‘Tedious’ doesn’t begin to do justice to describe this. I did rather like the story of a bookshop here that put it on display alongside a book called ‘How To Kill Your Family’ 🤣

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