Love Acorns – The Relationship Secret

An older couple is sitting on their favorite bench under the oak trees. “Do you remember how it all started back then?” the woman asks dreamily. Smiling, the old man nods and gives her a kiss.

Both remember very well. Time has passed, almost 50 years, but it still feels like it happened just yesterday. They had met at the state fair and knew immediately that their two hearts belonged together.

The lovers strolled through the market square and headed for a crowd of people on the outskirts of the village. A competition was held there. On a bench stood the owner of the meadow with two acorns in his hands. He made quite an impression with his loud shouting:

“Come all and see! These are love acorns! Who dares to erect a monument for the next generations? Lovers should sit on this bench and have it comfortable. To create a secluded spot here, two mighty oak trees should provide shade.

Who of you will find the right distance that these oaks need to grow together -and grow old together? Our village gardener will be the referee and decides who has solved the task best.«

One after the other, several couples stepped forward and laid down the acorns on the ground according to their ideas. The distances of the various proposals ranged from fifty centimeters to three meters.

Anna and Walter were the last to give their tip. However, when they placed the two acorns on the ground at a distance of seven meters, they were only laughed at by the spectators!

The old gardener, on the other hand, nodded happily and dug the two love acorns exactly where the two had placed them. Smiling, he said:

“With this distance, the oaks can develop well. Each remains an independent tree, and no one deprives the other of the sun and the air to breathe -even the roots do not hinder each other. The trees will belong together, and every time the wind blows over them, their branches can gently touch. The will be strong alone as well.”

That’s how it began, over fifty years ago. Today, Anna and Walter often can be found sitting under the two mighty oak trees, whose branches meet at lofty heights. They are holding hands, lost in thoughts and they listen to the rustling of the leaves.


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