Political Divide And Fairy Dust


There is nothing
left to say,

according to all
who think they’re right –

the right only care
what’s right

the left are far too
interested in what’s left –

I left it there.
It doesn’t feel right.

“Political Divide” by Simon Sweetman 2019

I watched the State of the Union address last night, as I always do. I even tune in when THE OTHER SIDE demands the spotlight for a few years. Here in the US, we don’t get a break, we live in a neverending election circus that already starts before the inauguration of a new President. The political artists perform for us -the tired audience- all year around, every year and they are merciless.

Certain rules seem to apply when a President addresses the nation at the United States Capitol. The political parties show their division while sitting in blocks, one to the right, the other to the left, making the so obvious divide in this nation even more noticeable.

The rules are rather simple. You only applaud the President if he happens to be YOUR President, and if not, then you stare blankly ahead of you, sit on your hands, and deny even a subject you applauded just a couple of years ago when the RIGHT person was making the same claim, had the same wish, or perhaps just shared a vision for the future.

No matter what, each subject and every topic is treated the same way. For the WRONG SIDE, even if it’s the RIGHT SIDE, eye-rolling, perhaps even booing is acceptable at all times, while the other side applauds or gives a standing ovation when the RIGHT President -even if he is from the left- speaks. However, there are exceptions.

Whenever America and its people, or all its poor average citizens are mentioned there has to be applause, sometimes even a standing ovation given by all. The same goes when victims of recent crimes or veterans are introduced. That’s the only time unity is required, after all, potential voters might be listening and watching.

Sometimes I wish the speaker (who is not the speaker but the President) would come to an end sooner. Sometimes I listen with joy -which is surprising because it means I am not as numb or dumb (yet) as I thought I would be.

Nowadays my time is limited and so is my patience. Like many of us, I am on a NEWS DIET too and I have strict restrictions, which require me to stay away from heavy loads of news that might lay in my tummy for too long. INTERMITTED NEWS FASTING we call it as of today. One hour a day 23/1. What’s the goal? To keep my sanity and my mood intact!

Sometimes I dream when I am not asleep. Daydreaming they call it, but it often happens when it’s dark.

Last night while watching the State of the Union Address, I wished for special powers. Fairylike perhaps! And in my dreams, I throw my fairy dust and rearrange the political circus quickly. I rock the boat heavily and forced them to take a stand, even a wobbly one.

Imagine a scene like we have seen at shows like THE VOICE, way back then when it was actually still about the artists and not the judges. The moment right before the contestant enters the stage and all the judges are turned around in their seats, facing away from the center stage for a short while.

Then the artist, or in my dreamworld, the politician enters the stage and starts talking. THE VOICE would be altered of course, and the sound we hear would be robotic, forcing us to pay attention to the message and not the messenger.

Who’s side is talking and do we like it?

If we like it, do we turn our seats and show not just our approval but also the desire to work with THE VOICE we just heard?

What if THE VOICE has tricked us and it’s the wrong side who said something that actually made sense?

Accidental bipartisanship?


27 thoughts on “Political Divide And Fairy Dust

  1. Really? It is quite an impressive list. I probably do half an hour a day of of Twitter news hunting, where I follow journalism and science I care about. It filters a lot of the bs of MSM, and saves me the doom thinking. I don’t follow any MSM outlet.

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      • That’s reasonable. I stopped reading the Dutch news very soon after I left NL. I respect your persistence a lot! I wish I had more of that in some areas of my life… I loose connections to my past more quickly than I’m proud to admit!

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        • We have decided that we will leave the United States in a few years, and we will enjoy our golden years overseas, in Europe, either Ireland, Portugal or perhaps even an exotic place like Italy or Austria -depending on their politics and the direction the country is going. Surprisingly enough, the idea was brought up by my husband, who is American. He is as tired and concerned about the direction the United States is going as I am. That’s perhaps the biggest reason why I follow world politics. Who knows where we will end up 🙂


          • Wow! That sounds quite nice, though, right? I can imagine with political situation in US, that another life is high on the agenda, although I love many things about the US and the people. I absolutely love Portugal, I think I could live a good life there. Italy is also fantastic, but also fantastic to leave again. Austria is Austria (like Bavaria, where I live, but stricter I suppose). I think quality of life could be good for the golden years. Somewhere in Kärnten or Steiermark? Not bad…


  2. It is so maddening to see the pure lack of respect for the president… shows how truly divided we really are. I can’t help but think of the Dixie Chicks who made a negative comment about the president years ago and they were basically shunned for it… now elected officials boo and yell at the president and virtually no one bats an eye. Rude and disrespectful, no wonder the world is so negative all the time.


  3. I actually watched this too, which is surprising for me, as I barely watch the news.
    “making the so obvious divide in this nation even more noticeable” – right you are! The behavior is embarrassing, frustrating, and on many levels appalling.


  4. Wouldn’t it be great if the president had a say in what went into the state of the union address? I think it’s written by spin doctors and influenced by pollsters and may or may not have anything to do with what’s really going on. Why do we have a state of the union address? To explain to the populace what our primary focus is in this term and how it’s being addressed. It’s also good to show how much progress we’ve made, and what we should strive for. It should not be the political campaign kick-off for the next term.


  5. A marvellous, if dispiriting, post Bridget. Sadly, we in the UK always seem to wish to emulate the USA in everything, and our politics are certainly going the same way. There is no such thing as debate any more, just bombastic speeches that tell lies, announce the same things over and over again as if it were a new decision, or new funding. There are very few politicians that I would trust and fewer each year who have any sense of community service or welfare of the people. It is difficult to be positive, but I try.

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  6. They even played the State of the Union address in Canada last night: the whole thing. I did listen for a short while, but was too annoyed by the behaviour you have so eloquently described in your post, and rather quickly changed the channel. I particularly liked the line “we live in a neverending election circus that already starts before the inauguration of a new President” It is increasingly like that here in Canada, too, I’m sorry to say. And oh, I too am tired of taking sides when they all have such short-term memories and they all behave with such poor manners 😕

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    • It’s hard to listen to and even harder to watch. To be honest, I have a very, very brutal but honest opinion about all of it.

      For years I have noticed a decline in education, manners, and respect from our elected officials and I was wondering where that came from. I

      I believe today, most politicians are in the game for money and not for the cause. Sadly, one can get elected to any government position with just a GED ( General Educational Development Test) and while I don’t mean to judge the people who have a GED for various reasons, and I surely mean no disrespect to anybody who didn’t make it to high school graduation, I still believe you should have a lot more education and experience to be elected to any public office or position.

      I feel like this is the generation of children who played in Little League where they kept no score and declared everybody is a winner. I always thought it doesn’t teach children a thing. For sure not how to lose gracefully, and/or respect your opponent. Also, it doesn’t teach self-improvement. As I said, I am brutal.

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      • The president and the ex-president are older than we are, so they grew up in the “riding without a helmet, drinking from the hose, keeping score in the game, staying out until the lights come on” generation. They don’t have an excuse.

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