Self Portrait

A self-portrait at a retreat brought out the artists in all women. At first a bit hesitant, we quickly had fun and started painting a vision that we don’t often share. How do we see ourselves, not with the eye, but deep inside us?

There were dreamers, dancers, a warrior, and a woman with many faces. How interesting it is, to see who we are in our minds. A vision deep inside, painted on paper for the world to see who we see ourselves.

Self Portrait

It doesn’t interest me if there is one God
Or many gods.
I want to know if you belong — or feel abandoned;
If you know despair
Or can see it in others.
I want to know
If you are prepared to live in the world
With its harsh need to change you;
If you can look back with firm eyes
Saying “this is where I stand.”
I want to know if you know how to melt
Into that fierce heat of living
Falling toward the center of your longing.
I want to know if you are willing
To live day by day
With the consequence of love
And the bitter unwanted passion
Of your sure defeat.
I have been told
In that fierce embrace
Even the gods
Speak of God.

~ David Whyte ~


15 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. What a wonderful art project. The retreat itself must have been really fabulous. I love the concept of creating an image of the more important aspects of who we are–what we feel inside. And you do find the best poems, Bridget!

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    • We were willing guinea pigs and tested a retreat, that soon will be opened for women who left an abusive relationship. All of us, who participated work as volunteers with homeless shelters. (I still collect bras for homeless women)


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