Thoughts and Prayers

How many kids have died,
have been shot
by an assault rifle, a war weapon,
in the hands of a madman or woman?

How many kids have been killed
by a gun in the wrong hands,
at the wrong time,
at the wrong place?

Do we still care
and dare
to offer thoughts and prayers?

A daily routine,
reading names, funerals.
Another headline,
crosses and flowers

If we insist on shooting each other
can’t we leave the kids out?
Why do they pay the price for our insanity?

Our insecurities, our madness.
Our peace (of mind),
our right to be armed
vs the right to live.

Our freedom is at stake,
held captive starring in a gun barrel

People are scared.

Yet we insist that the right to be armed,
has more power than the right to live.

Thoughts and Prayers?


20 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

    • We feel the same way. I am not struggeling, I refuse to understand, because it just doesn’t make any sense. A normal person does not need an assault riffle in their home. These are weapons of war and the last time I looked (today in the morning) we weren’t at war (yet).
      This is the main reason for us to retire overseas, like so many Americans.

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    • I have given up trying to understand it. My husband saw a t-shirt in a store and took a picture. It said “America founded by geniuses, run by idiots.” I laughed and nodded. Sadly, it’s true.
      Most of the people who defend the gun laws have a bible in one hand, and a gun in the other. According to a student of mine, there seems to be a difference between killing and murdering. Killing is ok, she thinks.
      The bible, a book written by humans long before guns were invented, is now the guideline for the so-called Christians to defend their right to shoot and defend themself.
      I am lost! Lost for words! Lost in translations!

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