Campaign flyers torn on the wet lawn
They’re grinning at me, those old soaked posters,
The faces of old men made up as youngsters

Preaching us into the middle ages as the newest progress
And I’m thinking, every step to the promised happiness
Is a step towards eternal yesterday, a step backward

They’re encouraging people to composure and sacrifice,
they’re calling them the people, but they’re thinking of them as subjects.

All the gluing and toadying are no longer bearable
when you’ve learned to translate what they’re actually saying
The senator takes the bishop by his arm:
You keep them silly – I keep them poor!

Don’t fall for them! Watch out
Freedom gets used up if you don’t use it!

Remember those faces by heart!
Keep your courage alive.
and watch out for yourself!

I’m longing for people who don’t betray me,
Who won’t lie to me in each one of their speeches

I’m longing for a piece of righteousness,
For a little backbone in these bent times

Stay Alert!


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